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So what you want a cookie? Heck yeah but only if it’s from Eleni’s!

So kittens, you know if I have an amazing product or service experience I’m definitely going to share.

So my boss comes to the office last week and says to me, listen kiddo what I need is a cookie that you can put a picture on.  I have five girls from the senior hockey team and I need their pic to be crystal clear on a cookie.  I need the cookie to be delicious and I need it all in about a week.  Make it happen!

Yeah, it’s a little Devil Wears Prada sometimes in the office and guess who’s Emily!  That’s right folks – yours truly.

So I don’t panic.  I say to myself I’ve got this.  I talk to my Jesus for a quick sec and then I know I’ve got this.

I GTS the heck out of this problemO – let my fingers do the walkin and after a few peruses on websites I strike NO not gold ladies and gents but PLATINUM.  And what I mean by that is Eleni’s.  That’s all you need to know if you want a striking, out of the box, delicious and beautifully appointed cookie.

By definition would it surprise you to know that a cookie is a small, sweet cake, typically round and crisp!  WOW I mean I knew that, but i didn’t know that!

In any case let me just say the process from start to finish is as easy as ordering takeout.  When I first called to ask a bunch of amateur questions I spoke to an amazing bloke named Stuart!  Did you catch that peeps – I called the 888 number and spoke to a human!  Oh will wonders never cease!  Stuart answered all of my questions patiently and told me to call him back if I had any more.  Doth my ears deceive me?  Call you back you say?  After I pummeled you with every question that was probably already up on your website!  Yes indeedE.

I placed the order online on Thursday 10/22.  I received the order today Wednesday 10.28 about 10:20am – hand delivered!

I emailed another fine young gentlemen named James – after the order was placed with another round of questions regarding delivery.  He answered all of my questions in record time and delivery was well before the promised 11am.

The cookies are beautiful.  The pictures are crystal clear.  The packaging of each cookie separately as if they are a treasure to be unwrapped and savored makes you feel as if you’ve acquired something designed only for you.  Each cookie that you will see in the pics below that we ordered were 6$ each and they are huge!  They do a minimum of 12 cookies, so do the math, 6×6=$36 smackers but oh what a conversational piece they would be.  If you want something that’s designed NOT to kill (they are a nut free cookie company), something that’s delish and stunning to look at – Well LOOK NO FURTHER!  Order from Eleni’s.  You’ll be glad I told you.

Eleni3 Eleni Eleni2 Eleni

Yes people, they’re in NYC! – Below you will find their entire information.

If you want to be directed to their website please click on Eleni’s below.


Eleni’s Chelsea Market Store:

75 Ninth Avenue
(in the Chelsea Market)
New York, NY 10011

Elenis Sales Office:

47-25 34th St., 2nd Fl.
Long Island City, NY 11101


Hours: 8 AM – 6 PM EST

Cookie Headquarters:  (888) 435-3647

Fax: 800-283-3074


Customer Service/Website Orders:

Corporate Sales Inquiries:

Press Inquiries:

Employment Inquiries: