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Spectre – Movie Review – May Contain Spoilers

So on Thursday my sailor totally surprised me and got tickets to see Spectre with my favorite James Bond of all time Daniel Craig.  We went to my favorite movie theater that my cousin introduced us to- the one with the most amazing reclining seats on Horace Harding Expressway – if you’re in NY, Queens especially, you must try it.  I’m completely spoiled now and really do not want to see a movie if the theater does not have reclining seats. You can’t imagine how enhanced your theater experience becomes with amazing surround sound, good eats and reclining seats!  Now truly, the best theater food hands down was in Jersey.  If you want upscale dinner and a movie dining experience I’ve heard there’s a joint in Connecticut that caters to this.  When my hubby was in the Navy I use to take the bus and visit him in Virginia.  That is where I had my best dining in a movie theater experience.  You literally have penguin waiters – that’s right folks!  Your servers are dressed in tails practically.  Before the movie you are handed a menu to select from.  It contains a few choices for your main course, some appetizers and delectable desserts, not to mention an array of alcoholic beverages!  Won’t that make any movie fun!  Not a question by the by.



They serve you while the ads and trailers are running and then leave you be.  This type of atmosphere does not come cheap kittens but quite frankly if dinner and a movie is your perfect date night (which for me it absolutely is hands down) then once in awhile it’s worth the scratch!  Okay now on to the movie…

Loved every moment of Spectre but if you’re expecting it to be high octane like the first one you might be in for a rude awakening. This movie showcases the arc of the character. No longer is Bond a mindless robot wielding a gun to protect crown and country – he thinks, he feels, he expresses and he evolves.

Every nuance about the way the “new” Bond is written is calculated to give a respectful nod to the Brosnan, Connery, Moore, Dalton, Lazenby period however that’s all they’re getting.  Daniel is fresh and appetizing.  His one liners hold more truth than bite, his Omega only keeps him from being late to an appointment not laser cutting through iron manacles.  And though he finds women as appealing as they undoubtedly find him there is a respect and tenderness between undercover encounters that simply was absent in all prior films.  The writers concentrate on evolving the character with each new movie while simultaneously stripping the special effects, action scenes and even villains down to their bare bones. There is nothing overplayed about the Daniel Craig Bond movies. As a mature woman I also appreciate that they’ve never actually paired this Bond with a girl half his age! This Bond has been attracted to actual full blooded, full bodied women! The womanizing, unaffected swagger that was prolific in an era gone by has been retired.  Here emerges a Bond that men can role model themselves against and women can easily fall in love with – And though Bond’s focus doesn’t shift for one second he always circles back to what truly matters. This Double O can bloody well stand for Only One as far as I’m concerned!  He’s licensed to kill alright – kill at the box office and he’s doing it all with panache as well as the most piercing azure eyes on the scene.  Daniel shakes and stirs us in all the right places.  Hats off Mr. Bond.