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Creed Movie Review – May Contain Spoilers

So my honey and I went to see Creed.  I’m a huge fan of all of the Rocky movies, some of course I loved more than others but all of the films contained one if not several life lessons, genuine heartache and joy and at the end left you satisfied yet hopeful for more at some later date.

Creed-Movie poster

Creed does not disappoint on any level.

First off, let’s talk about that beautiful, young talent Michael B. Jordan, aptly named Adonis, God of Youth and Beauty – I’ll say!  And of course we remember his namesake – Carl Weathers, better known as Apollo – God of music, healing, truth and light, whose main purpose was to harness his four horses and pull the sun across the sky.  Ummm hello!  That’s a healthy task.

So many things to love about this movie.  First off, this ain’t no hard luck story.  Adonis’s journey is all about choice.  When we see him at first he’s a ward of the state, tough juvenile delinquent showing promise and talent in his fists in the worst of of circumstances.  Then in waltzes a fairy Godmother of sorts, waves her wand of love and poof, education, proper nutrition, a stable albeit opulent home and the rough coal transforms into a diamond.  What I love is the breakdown of the stereotypes in this flick.  Once Adonis becomes an adult, the field he chooses and is good at (evidenced by a promotion) is in the white collar industry of finance!  Woo-hoo, gotta love it!  He’s not a drug dealer, a janitor, a football coach – he’s wheeling and dealing in the big leagues!  Not only is he beautiful but he’s intelligent.

What he does in the next scene shouldn’t shock anyone given the storyline, he quits his high paying job to train full time and follow in daddy’s footsteps as a pro-boxer.

I don’t want to tell you the rest of the story, as you can very well guess.  The journey might be predictable for the most part, which usually leaves a bad taste in the audience’s mouth.  Not so with this movie.  The path that Adonis sets his feet upon to find out who his father was and to make something of himself to please both himself and the ghost of a man he’d never met but a legend whom he’s been shadowboxing all his life is what makes this an essential film to watch.

Sly takes a much more genuine approach to this movie, to the character he portrays – he’s fearless in his vulnerability and he tempers it with just the right amount of humor.

Adonis’s love interest played by Tessa Thompson was at first quite a surprise to me but as the story unfolds you can see what an asset she is.  She has a handicap that’s absolutely not typical yet she manages to turn it into a strength and cleverly uses it in one scene where we girls can benefit from it the most.  Tessa balances the proper amount of steel and silk.  She’s strong when we need her to be and gives in when she should.  Too often we see Black actresses forced to portray attitudes either soft or strong that the scene doesn’t seem to call for but only to portray a certain stereotype.  This film breaks those down.  People are just people.  It’s a valuable film.

We dug it.

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