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The Foot Fetish Continues – New Product Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File Review

Hey there kittens –  I’m certain many of you, like myself guffaw when reading product taglines that swear up and down that you will notice a difference after using it once but might I share a bit of breaking news? For once, they were right. At least when it comes to this glorious product I purchased yesterday called Pedi Perfect electronic foot file by Amope! Yes I exaggerate NOT. This product is amazing. The only snag quite literally and figuratively is that once you actually purchase said product, wouldn’t it be wonderful not to have to amass skills of a criminal nature when opening the package?

AmopeYes your hands may look like the bruised manacles of a prize fighter after you manage to break into your not terribly cheap but well worth every penny purchase. However aside from all of that it comes equipped with all of the batteries necessary. You simply have to open the butt to remove the thin paper blocking the battery from working and then voila, you are in business. I filed my pantyhose snagging heals gently until I was satisfied with the results. I believe I spent about three minutes per heel give or take. I feel like a newborn kitten and I guarantee you will too. Your partner will thank once they realize they can resume playing footsies! The product is available in just about any store that has a pharmacy section such as Target, Walmart and also pharmacies like Duane Reade, Walgreens, etc. The cost is approximately $32 (Target)- $50 (Duane Reade).

Happy Feet Are Here Again!