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Sicario Movie Review *Spoiler Alert*

Another amazing film that I did manage to see last night is Sicario.

If you haven’t seen this film might I strongly suggest that you do.

It’s one of the best films that I’ve seen to date.

There are 3 key players in this film and I love them all.  Emily Blunt, an idealistic FBI agent, Benicio Del Toro (as the film unfolds his role becomes clear and Josh Brolin, a cocky shadow agent “shot-caller.”

This film is full of intrigue, action and suspense.  And because I love films like this, I (and I’m sure many others) could accurately anticipate the next scene but that doesn’t make the film one iota less engaging.  You are sucked in completely.

Blunt, a character who’s hellbent on procedure, law and ethics fumbles in the dark even as she realizes quite literally though her presence is required any participation beyond that point is denied.  And while some audience members might be frustrated by her inability to assess and comply with the situation at hand, in the end you recognize that without people like her the balance between good and evil would be essentially lost.  She is the equivalent measure of a check and balance.

Benicio however rocks this film out and in my humble opinion, this is one of his best films thus far.  Once Sicario was defined I knew Benicio’s role and I understood and applauded his character for it.

Throughout the film I mainly wanted Emily to get out of the way and let Josh and Benicio do their job.  Toward the end of the film I came to understand that we need both the Emilys and Benicios in the world in order for it not to plummet into complete and utter chaos.  Sometimes you need a tiger to hunt a tiger.  It’s not always the righteous who can right the world sometimes what the world calls for is just the opposite.  Of course one has to understand the philosophy behind the action as it can be impossible not to embrace the dark side once you’ve crossed over.  In other words once the deed is done someone’s gotta put the tiger back in its cage.

If I’m speaking in riddles yet managed to inseminate your curiosity then I entreat you to check out the trailer below and judge for yourself.  I can hear my sailor now – dem is big words baby. 

Now let’s talk about one important fact that this film in truth touches on and that’s the disappearance and murder of many of the indigenous women in parts of Mexico.  There are stats that quote six women are murdered daily.  There are other stats that allude to kidnapping and sex slavery/trafficking.  The first time I got a glimpse of the problem was in a very obscure series called The Bridge on FX – which coincidentally was on and off air so fast I thought much like Over There, I thought it to be a figment of my imagination.  Later on down the road we caught another glimpse in The Counselor – and now a few bits and pieces of scenes alluding to it in Sicario.

I did the faintest of research on the web and found quite a few articles and organizations brave enough to speak about what’s happening in Mexico regarding the violence, disappearance and murder of mostly indigenous women.  And what’s clear is that not enough is being done about it and what’s worse is no one really seems to know anything about it either.  It’s appalling, it’s terrifying and when you measure the close proximity of our countries quite frankly nothing crosses borders quicker than evil.

We need to start talking about it because talking leads to questions, questions lead to answers and in-betwixt the vast span of space between questions and answers lies the truth and cure because once we know the who what why and when – we can figure out the how – how to stop it.  Something to chew on ducklings.

If you’d like to see the trailer to Sicario please click on the link below: