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The Tumble – Chapter 27

I returned to work in a happy daze.  The world seemed brighter.  I seemed lighter.  Even my body began to take on a different shape.  The sides of my waist indented forming two perfect molds for my lover’s hands.  Since he liked so often to hit it from the rear I appeared as if I underwent an ass lift.  I started taking more time and care in my morning makeup rituals.  My ensembles reflected my emotions, colorful, sexy, youthful.  I bought new panties and bras and the sluttiest lingerie one could find on Amazon.  If it was meshed or netted, chances are it was in my shopping cart.  My self esteem and confidence measured a nine point nine on the Richter scale.  I had discovered the fountain of youth in the most cliche of places.  I finally understood what older men had been seeing in younger women and felt a little guilty at how much I had been hating on them.  Now that my perspective was on the opposite side of the equation nothing I did felt wrong or like exploitation, more like exploration and self discovery.  I couldn’t imagine ever wanting to give this up.

Work was a welcomed distraction from self.  Posh made a rare appearance and since she was set to travel to Nevada in a week or so for Burning Man the office was an utter madhouse. Sonia was beside herself and fit to be tied.  I suggested we have lunch and do a Wendy’s run.  She gladly accepted.  I was grateful.  I needed a baked potato with cheddar cheese and sour cream like nobody’s business and I was desperate to catch up with my girl.  Imtiaz was still my secret. Besides what would I tell?  I may have conveniently forgotten that I was married but I doubt anyone else did.  And while I would get no judgment from my core girls and I could trust them with my life I was ambivalent about sharing anything about my tiger just yet.  I was still discovering how to navigate the newness of this May/December romance.

Red didn’t take it too well that Sonia and I were heading out to lunch and leaving her behind to deal with Posh’s tirade about a few incorrect details she posted on one of our core documents.  Too bad Red.  You alienated yourself with your bullshit and elitest attitude so don’t expect any sympathy from either Sonia or myself.  Bye Felecia.  Yeah child it’s like that.

While walking down the hallway to the elevators Brad caught us where our office intersected and fell instep behind me.  I could fell his eyes gliding down my shape from behind.  Today I wore a soft grey long sleeve body wrapping tunic over leggings with black calf length high heel boots, which created a very sensual silhouette especially from the rear.

“Hey Catrina, Sonia how’s your week going?”

Sonia and I glanced over our shoulder and smiled.

“It’s alright.  How about yours?”  Sonia answered.

She wouldn’t disclose much more than that to Brad. I mean come on, we weren’t that chummy but still he wasn’t bad eye candy for the office.  He did look a bit like Bradley Cooper after all.

I stayed silent.  The smile was enough.  Who wanted a rabbit when I had a tiger?  I know haughty right?  But what can I say?  These days I was feelin’ myself.

“I’m doing good.  Can’t complain.”  He replied evenly.

Before we broke left for the elevators and Brad broke right for the men’s room he placed his hands lightly on my shoulders and gave me a tiny squeeze.

I wasn’t surprised.  In fact I expected that he wouldn’t be able to resist touching me in some way and he didn’t disappoint.  I don’t know if somehow being with my tiger harnessed me with the ability to predict men’s behavior but there were moments when I felt like Neo and men were codes I could now read.  Perhaps more to the truth is because I was uninterested in Brad I could see the situation more clearly. My tiger still remained unpredictable.  I hadn’t heard from him yet since he left me.  Of course I was with him only yesterday but still you would think I would get a text or something.  It was unnerving to be in such limbo and yet at the same time exhilarating.  He was mysterious and I kinda dug it.

As soon as we got out of the elevator Sonia divulged her tasks to me one by one.  Posh’s demands were driving her crazy.  Quite frankly I never knew how she managed to balance all that she did.  The girl only ran on approximately 3-4 hours of sleep daily.  I would have surely been insane by now.  I empathized and gave her the best advice I could give her before sharing some of my work issues.  One thing we were both tired of was Red.  We joked and laughed about that for a few minutes while on line, waiting for our food.

On our way back to the office my phone buzzed.

“Hey Cat, when do you get out of work today?”

I couldn’t help but smile like the Cheshire Cat.

“What’s that about missy?”  Sonia inquired upon witnessing my smile.

“Girrrrl.”  I smiled in reply while texting back.

Sonia rolled her eyes knowingly but let it drop as I knew she would.  She wasn’t the kind of girl to pry and I clearly wasn’t going to divulge more than one word.  I was grateful to have a friend in her.

I was planning on working my usual slow pace and leaving work around 8 but after his text I mentally prepared to work like a Hebrew slave and bang it all out by 6 instead.

“6.” I texted back.

“Is it cool if we chill for a bit after work?  I get out at 5 and I could meet you by your job.”

“Sounds great.  I’ll see you then.”

I pocketed my phone and turned back to Sonia opening my Wendy’s bag and popping some warm fries into my mouth.

“Girl I think we need a girl’s movie night after Posh leaves.  We could both use a breather.”

“Hells yeah.”  Sonia nodded in agreement.

I said the words but deep down inside I was hoping that Imtiaz would want to take up more of my time during the coming evenings.  He was a mystery.  He was unpredictable.  I usually hated surprises.  Looks like I was coming around.