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The Tumble – Chapter 28

I could hardly keep still during the remainder of the work day.  I jiggled my leg so rapidly as I was combing through Posh’s emails one might have mistook me for Red.  I plucked at the keys like Beethoven on Ritalin, filling up Posh’s calendar with unforgiving rigidity.  I hope she has a ball or six as the case is more likely to be at Burning Man because there will be no room for it upon return.  Nobody said it better than Ru – You betta work! 

Hours passed and in my mad craze to complete all of my tasks I swore it felt like mere minutes.  I would have to push checking Posh’s voicemail to Tuesday.  I could do it first thing and shoot off her messages in an email before she had her first breakfast bellini.  After all, she was scheduled to meet a client 10 am at The Soho House who rumor had it was far more pleasure than business.  I was nothing if not kind to her snubbing of the early morning rays.  Could one be considered a morning person for a single day of the week, if that soul were entering the residence at 7am from the prior night’s debauchery?  I daresay not.

I flicked the switch shutting down my computer when I noticed Sonia rifling through Posh’s office and cursing under her breath in Spanish.  Oh damn, not a good sign at all.

“Girl what’s a matter?”  I asked, tossing my bag strap over my shoulder and jingling my keys in hand, waiting.  We usually did our pit stop at the bathroom together before heading out and in separate directions.

“Aye can you believe this carajo didn’t take the pitch books home and now wants me to run over to her apartment with them before I head home?  I swear this bitch doesn’t know her ass from her elbow.  And you would think that she would have asked me earlier when I dropped off her other shit at The Soho House this morning but no, that would have required consideration on her part.”

I shook my head and sighed deeply.  “Girl you should just tell her you’ve got other things to do and can’t be running back and forth like a lunatic.  Why can’t you text her that you’ll drop it off tomorrow morning at The Soho House before you go to work?”  I raised my eyebrows and tipped my head in her direction.

Sonia paused and swung her eyes toward me in hope.

“Yo I really can’t run over there now.  Stasia’s waiting for me to get home and cook.  The kid is literally starving.  She only had cereal and that was since this morning.”  Sonia emphasized by throwing her hands up despairingly before resettling them on either side of her curvaceous hips.

“Well tell her you’re gonna meet her there at 9:30 tomorrow.  Her meeting doesn’t start til’ 10 anyway Sonia.  There shouldn’t be a problem.”  I handed her the phone and folded my hands waiting for her to send the text.

Five minutes later we were outside in front of the building saying our goodbyes.

“Girl I’m going your way, you wanna walk to the train station together?”

I paused knowing full well Imtiaz was waiting for me on the side of the building.

“Nah girl, I’m gonna smoke a cig and call my cuz.  I got a few things to talk to her about.  I’ll see you tomorrow boo.”

“Later girl.  Remember I won’t be in until around 10 cause’ I gotta meet this freakin’ woman and give her her shit.” She added, patting her bulging tote bag.

I chuckled.  “No worries, I got you.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I pretended to look for my lighter and scrounged the bottom of my bag until Sonia turned the corner and disappeared from sight.  As soon as she did I dropped the act and started walking toward the opposite corner.  After lightly spritzing myself with Bulgari Amethyst, you know I wasn’t trying to meet my tiger smelling like smoke.

I bent the corner with purpose.  He was 6 feet away but once he saw me, he quickly closed the gap.  He had been waiting for me, pacing, prowling, surveying the corner with impatience.  I smiled inwardly.  Could he be any less of a tiger?  He flipped his cigarette after a quick puff, padding toward me in his black Rebok classic hightops, his sweat suit molding his broad shoulders and hanging down the rest of his wiry frame .  My eyes thirstily drank in every inch of him.  He stopped in front of me, clicked his head slightly to the right and pursed his lips allowing the smoke to escape before flipping his cap backward and opening his arms wide, gracing me with a sexy smile.

I melted into his hard, slim chest, wrapping my hands about his waist, my face nudging his neck.  I inhaled a mixture of soap and a faint, unidentifiable cologne.  Visions of his fingers wrapped around my neck, his dark eyes boring into mine as he thrust deep inside of me tumbled through my mind.  I could feel myself liquefying.

He gently pulled me to the side and tucked me under his shoulder, grabbing my second bag full of crap, casually tossing it over  his shoulder.

“Aw you don’t have to carry that Imtiaz.”  I smiled, reaching for it.

He drew his shoulder back while holding me firmly in place with his fingers.

“Ba-abe what are you doing?  It’s nothing.  Chill.  Lemme carry it.”

I raised my eyebrows, folding and pressing my lips together.  His simple act of kindness had too much of an effect.  I sealed my lips, trapping my untrustworthy words, forcing them to swell inside of me.

Instead I dropped my hand to my side and said “Thank you.”

“You’re well-come.” He replied in an almost babyish tone.

“Now Cat, where do you want to go?  The world is yours.”  He tipped his face up to the sun and made a mock salute to a higher power that watched us.

I impetuously leaned forward and kissed his warm neck.

“Walk.”  I said quietly.

“Let’s just walk.”