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Overstock – Slumber Solutions Mattress

Hello kittens,

The sailor and I have been struggling with our old mattress that we’ve had for more than 10 years, probably over 15 but if you know me, my memory is horrid.  In any case, we didn’t want to spend a fortune on a mattress but we were at our wits ends.  Every night we would both toss and turn, attempting to find a comfortable position.  Right where we lay, was a deep indentation, (mostly on my side) as the sailor was not home for the better part of four years – being in the Navy and whatnot.

I digress, in any case, for months we’ve been debating about purchasing a new mattress.  Should we go to Sleepy’s?  How about Bob’s Discount Furniture? How much were we willing to spend?  Well we did end up going to Bob’s a few months back and checking out their mattress selection.  We bounced around on a few and came to the conclusion that we were definitely feeling the memory foam.  Their prices weren’t horrific, about $1200 in general.  But at the time we did our analysis, I thought for sure we had another year before we had to make that decision.  But after a few months of wrestling with our old mattress, waking up several times in the middle of the night and when we were finally awake, full of aches and pain – we decided we had to do something.

Turns out my brother in law mentioned that he bought a mattress from Overstock, they were having a sale, and he had nothing but rave reviews.

My hubby and I did some research and chose the Slumber Solutions 12-inch King-size memory foam mattress, at the unbelievable price of $517!  Yes you read that correctly.  Well we unfurled the thing on Friday – it comes wrapped up like a burrito in a large canvas bag, (yes you also read that correctly.)  They recommend that you let it breathe and thicken for 24 hours once you unfurl.  It was easy.  We took it out of the bag and plopped it onto the bed and let it sit until the evening.

Well it’s Monday, we’ve slept on it a total of 3 nights and let me just say, we are sleeping like a toddler once again.  I can’t believe what we’ve been missing out on all of this time.  Yes getting sleep can change your life.  Now even when I get less sleep it’s the best quality sleep so I feel amazing when I wake up.  You would never have been able to convince me, had I not had this experience myself.

Below is a pic of the bed as well as the link to Overstock in case anyone is interested.

Happy sleep time peeps.

MattressKing Size Memory Foam Mattress from Overstock