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Movie Review – London Has Fallen **Contains No Spoilers**

To say that London Has Fallen is exceptionally understated.  London has been annihilated and at the precise moment that our beloved President has entered the city to attend the funeral of a well respected colleague.

If you think this movie is all about one of our favorite secret service security detail, anti-terrorist, ass kicking renegade who can fillet a terrorist like a marlin with a swiss army knife and torture out the details of the president’s whereabouts while simultaneously reloading his Sig Sauer, then you are correct!

On the not so serious side – the movie really takes it to the extreme.  The terrorists brilliantly carry off a coup-like takeover of the city of London in record time that seems damn near impossible, (one hopes) as many of us have lived to see the impossible take place.  But let’s not get too serious just yet.

The rest of the movie is much like the action sequences of Olympus Has Fallen, everyone’s down, Banning is the last man standing and seems to have the jump on everyone else.  Normally this type of one man army‘s arrogance will probably lose us at hello but Gerry has such a unique gift for comic relief resembling that of another roguish Scotsman, Sean Connery, that we swallow every bit of shrapnel embedded morsel without forethought.

One very somber and underlying theme that is present in this film as well as others in the good guy vs. terrorists genre; the heinous cyclical thirst for vengeance on both sides of the globe.  Unless we understand what’s triggering the hatred and halt the reactions (both sides) we are all doomed and will only serve to continue to escalate the conflict between our nations.  Of course that discussion or portraying that angle in a movie is a much more sobering matter and an even more doubtful box office hit.

All in all, the sailor and I dug it.  Butler rocks, Morgan’s voice comforts and the new London addition, Charlotte Riley, otherwise known as Mrs. Tom Hardy, who plays an MI6 operative, gives the movie some substance by underplaying the comedy and lending intelligence and seriousness to the female lead character.

If you wish to check out the trailer please click below:

London Has Fallen Trailer