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Negating The Mysteries of Self Publishing

Hey there pumpkins – a great many people have asked me – how did you self publish?  What are the steps?  So after chatting with my sailor – he convinced me to write a small article to shed some light on the topic.

First off, this is not an overnight process.  You have to read and do some research in order to make it happen.  What this article will do is give you a good overview and send you on your way!

Self publishing is something you want to consider after you’ve obtained a finished product.  You might be saying to yourself – duh – why mention something so obvious?  But what I mean by finished product is that you’ve not just written your manuscript but you’ve had it professionally proofed and edited and are satisfied with the end result.

After you have your finished manuscript you might want to copyright your work.  You don’t have to, as one you’ve created something (literary work) it IS already protected under copyright law.  However if you’re ever in a dispute with someone else it helps with the legal aspect of proving what’s yours is yours.

For information about the copyright process, please click on the link below.


Once you have your complete manuscript, you need to decide what company you’d like to use for self publishing.  Amazon is one of the leading companies in the industry and based on my experience, really helps you through the process step by step.  However, they are far from exclusive in this area.

A few self publishing company options:

Outskirts Press


Create Space – Amazon

If you choose Amazon, the website will walk you through all of your options.

What you should know is that if you want your book to be available for sale and for anyone to be able to locate it, you will need an ISBN number.  You will have to purchase an ISBN.  To obtain an ISBN you will have to go to the following website:

Bowker ISBN

You must obtain an ISBN before finalizing your book for sale.  CreateSpace can generate one for you free of charge but they retain certain rights to the book in doing so.  You’ll have to read your options carefully before deciding on a course.  For me there was no option, I purchased one straightaway for every book I’ve self published.  Also you should know that you have to purchase a separate ISBN for hard copy and one for digital, two different formats, two ISBN numbers, same book.

CreateSpace allows you cover design options.  In my opinion, if you want your book to have a professional look you must use a high quality photo of your own photo or purchase stock photos for sale.  There are many options to purchase photos.  Here are a few:

I-Stock photo



So that’s pretty much the basics.  What I’ve learned is there is a process to everything.  You might get stuck, it might take you awhile to figure out, but stick with it, re-read the instructions, get some tech-savvy friends to help you – and you will triumph.  Patience is something you need to acquire.  Your dream will happen and all of the steps you had to take to get there, will make the victory all the more sweet.

Once you have finished basking in the glory of holding your published work in your hands, the real work begins.  You now enter the business side of books – and must invent evermore imaginative ways to get it into hands that have farther reach than yourself.

At this point you can decide to try and shop your work around yourself by sending it directly to publishing houses or trying to get it into the hands of a literary agent.

Here’s some information about that process:

How To Find A Literary Agent

Don’t sweat it though – because like I said, it’s just another process.

Best of luck kittens!



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