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The Tumble – Chapter 33

Marcas’s text awakened me a little after 3am.  He was turning off of the Van Wyck and would be home in less than 5 minutes and wanted to make sure I hadn’t bolted the top lock.  We’d been apart for nearly two months and now that things were settled albeit somewhat precariously betwixt Imtiaz and I, I could give my man my undivided attention.

********************* ************************** ****************

The moment I came home from work I circled each room like a tornado taskmaster, changing the sheets, vacuuming, dusting.  Around 9 I  baked ricotta stuffed shells and placed the Sangiovese de Romagna wine to chill in the fridge.  Home, spotless, check.  Food, cooked, check.  The only thing left to focus upon was me.  I shaved every inch of my body, arms, legs, intimates, everything.  I turned up Pandora while rinsing and refilling the tub.

I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don’t be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

I immersed myself from head to toe in a favorite, light scented body wash from VS.

Imtiaz changed the game and put me in a new head-space.  I wanted to turn my charms lose on Marcas.  I felt like the Phoenix who only lived to feed her senses.  There was no grounding this raptor.  I closed my eyes and let my mind wander while my body was comfortably submerged.

I switched up the tunes to match my mood.  Big up Queens, Curtis.

I don’t know what you heard about me
But a bitch can’t get a dollar out of me
No Cadillac, no perms, you can’t see
That I’m a motherfucking P-I-M-P

After toweling off, I slipped into a long, black, silk deshabille that left precious little to the imagination.  I admired myself in the mirror, my fingertips testing the silkiness of my skin by tracing the curve of my shoulder.  In a few hours Marcas and I would be reunited.  I wanted everything to be perfect.

******************** *********************** ******************************

I heard his keys in the door and arranged myself enticingly on our bed.

In the semi-darkness my eyes glistened with lust.  He was still in uniform, his figure casting an imposing shadow, broad shoulders, strong back, forming a perfect V at the waist.

“Baby?”  Marcas asked, cautiously entering the room, adjusting his eyes to the unexpected vision before him.

“That’s not happiness to see me sailor.”  I teased.

“Wha-” – It was as if he couldn’t speak.  He swung his sea-bag off his shoulder and dropped it to the floor.

I slid off of the bed and into his open arms.

“What’s all this babe?”  Marcas whispered in my ear while his arms encircled my waist.

“You want an answer or you wanna see how fast we can get you out of that uniform?”  I was merciless.  This was a new game and I liked playing it.

Marcas was not a man who preferred idle conversation and abandoned any further words.  Neither one of us questioned this uncharted territory.  He kissed me in the way that he use to, before we knew each other too well and I received it hungrily.  I helped him strip out of his clothes and we tumbled backward onto the bed.  His hands dug into my hair and he laced my neck and body with nips and kisses.  I bit his side, his arms, suckled his fingers slowly.  His eyes were heavy, on a natural high.  He positioned me beneath him and entered me slowly.  I had a moment of fear, wondering just for a second if he would feel any difference but his expressions told me otherwise.  He buried himself deep inside of me, moving with long, slow strokes.  I wrapped my legs around him, working my hips to his rhythm.  He encircled his fingers around my wrists, raising my hands above my head.  I was almost there.

“Marcas.”  I whispered.

He dropped his head to nuzzle my neck and bit my shoulder, bringing us both the pain and pleasure we needed to climax.

I lay in the crook of his body panting while Marcas stroked the curve of my spine lazily.

I was at perfect peace with my man.

A few minutes later, he maneuvered off the bed and playfully slapped me on my ass.

“Woman, I hungry.  I goin’ shower.  You cook?”

I giggled at the return to normalcy brought about by his ordinary words.

“I’ll heat it up and dish out in the meantime.”

He planted a sweet kiss on my lips and headed to the shower.

I took a moment to revel in my bliss.  Everything had changed and yet, same old, same old.