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The West Village Quartet

After wrapping up a wonderful dinner with my girl Sonia, I went underground on 42nd Street, Times Square to wait for the E train.  Lo and behold doth my ears deceive me?  I was treated by the sounds of artists on strings.  The West Village Quartet, or so I’ve come to know.

And may I just say what an enjoyable experience it was to hear classical music played with such passion in such an urban setting.  Frankly for me, it transformed all of the dingy subway tiles, transporting me to a bygone era, perhaps 17th Century.  I could almost see the rich gold and silver brocade covered walls, a well appointed garden beyond French doors, Queen Anne chairs staggered in a room containing a fine, white grand piano while an intimate crowd of lace petticoats and powdered wigs wandered about the room, enjoying the fine wine and music alike.

If you have a desire to experience the same, might I invite you to view The West Village Quartet website.

The West Village Quartet

You can also look up The West Village Quartet on Youtube search!

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