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R & R Diatribe – Best Hair Dye, Hair Conditioner

So kittens,

I’ve been dying my hair for years and quite frankly my hair was lookin’ like some fried fricassee on a eagle’s nest egg platter.

Yeah like that.  In any case this weekend I said

Soooo I started to strategize how I was going to tackle my issues.

Keep my fro under control, know what I’m sayin!

I had three things I wanted to accomplish: I wanted to layer and cut off all of the dead ends, I wanted to condition and also dye my hair.

I figured I’d dye it first.

I bought this hair dye I had never used before from Walmart, cost about $10.00

Schwarzkopf Keratin Color Anti-Age Hair Color Kit, 4.0 Cappuccino


Well let me tell you, I used it as instructed and took my time.  Tucked it all under a clear shower cap for probably an hour instead of 45 minutes.  They have this extra step that I’ve never seen before, which is this keratin serum that you place on your ends before coloring.

After I rinsed out all of the coloring.  I used my hair mayonnaise, I think this cost approximately $7.

Hair Mayonnaise

After covering my entire head and all of my strands with a generous amount, I rinsed out my shower cap and tucked all of my newly mayonnaised hair under the shower cap and did other things around the house for about two hours.

After two hours, still with the shower cap on, I used my blow-dryer to heat up the shower cap for 10-15 minutes.  Then I rinsed everything out.

Afterward I straightened my hair with a flatiron, semi-wet.  (I have a wet to dry straightener.)

I couldn’t believe that my hair looked so incredibly young and shiny and soft and manageable.  My husband told me that my hair hadn’t actually looked that healthy in years.  Mind you, I hadn’t even cut it yet.

Well I was checking out some cut layers yourself  YouTube videos and my favorite (and I’m not alone as she has a great many viewers) was this beautiful young girl named: Carli Bybel.  If you wish to find the video on Youtube you can search:

How I Cut Layers in My Hair AT HOME – Carli Bybel

I will also post her video separately under her own heading if you wish to view it.

Let me just say that this was my first time cutting my own hair into layers and I really didn’t want to do too much as I wasn’t sure what I was doing.  However for the most part, I followed her steps and I love the results.


I don’t know if you can see it but I think my hair looks much healthier.  Below is a pic of when I straightened my hair a few months ago and you can see the difference.  Below it looks choppy, there’s a lot of breakage and no healthy sheen like above.

Try it, what have you got to loose but some time and less than $20!

A straight hair

I hope you get even better results if you decide to give it a whirl!

Later kittens!