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My Top List for What To Watch On TV

So my sailor and I switched out our Dish Network for Fios a few months ago and lemme just tell ya, a whole new world has opened up for us.

First off, you never realize how wonderful the little luxuries are – such as, you are in the midst of watching a movie, but all of a sudden need a bathroom break.  What we did prior to Fios was ask each other what happened when we came back from el banio, only to have your partner explain it to you while missing important scenes in the present.   Not good, nor healthy for any relationship, lemme just tell ya!  Now that we have Fios, we simply pause the movie and all is well!  Who knew???

Well also when we signed up for Fios they gave us all of the movie channels for like a song and I think it’s good for a year and a half or something like that.  So we got to discover quite a few new shows and also On Demand so you can watch your favorites at your own pace.  I might also mention that we now have a DVR which allows us to record things we want to watch whenever convenient so you don’t miss anything due to time constraints!  We’re in heaven.

Okay now that we’ve got the basics covered let’s get down to what to watch! First you get the list, then a brief synopsis.

  1. Outlander
  2. The Expanse
  3. Supergirl
  4. Dangerous Waters
  5. The Girlfriend Experience

Outlander is my all time favorite!  I can’t get enough of this series.  Let me preface this by stating that I read three of the series of books written by Diana Gabaldon.  I fell head over heels in love with both lead characters, Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall.  The moment I completed the first book I thought to myself, they should make a movie out of this, that’s how incredible the book is.  Lo and Behold many years later, somebody up there made my dreams come true.  The series is as rich and intricate as french food and wine, every scene is a feast for your eyes.  The series follows the book exceptionally close as the writer herself, Diana Gabaldon is a key consultant to the series!  How do ya like them apples?  Now that they’re in Season 2, the budget is even bigger, the costumes more vivid and the acting so completely on point that you feel a part of the story.  You get lost in it.  If you wish to find out what all the fuss is about, check out a trailer.  Hit the link below.

Outlander Trailer


The Expanse is an original Sci-Fi series that is visually stunning!  It draws you in and begs you to solve the mystery that begins with a missing beauty.  Thomas Jane does such a stellar job playing a throwback, broken down detective nostalgic of Humphrey Bogart’s very popular, Philip Marlowe.  The characters are witty, charming, genuine and complicated.  Shohreh Aghdashloo is an incredible talent and adds a great deal to the series.  This is much more complicated than good guy vs. bad guy set in space.  At the end of Season 1 we find our missing girl but now that we have, there are more questions than answers.  If you wish to know more about The Expanse, please click to watch the trailer below.

The Expanse Trailer


Supergirl really needs no explanation.  And I know what you’re thinking – really, can such an elementary series hold my attention? The answer is a resounding Hell Yeah!  Trust and believe, no one is more shocked than me.  I was certain the series was going to be too saccharin sweet with very little imagination and a terrible story-line.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Supergirl, played by Melissa Benoist is a perfectly charming to watch.  The series balances the right amount of sweet and wholesome qualities that we love but also enough realism much provided by Calista Flockhart who adds honesty with enough brutality to make her words and actions exceptionally effective.  Supergirl is a weekly treat!

Supergirl Trailer and Episodes


Dangerous Waters – Today there are so many popular reality series about how people live, a glimpse into their lives, example: Ice Road Truckers as well as the interesting things they do, example: Bear Grylls, survivalist.  Dangerous Waters is one such series.  It’s essentially about an adventure taken on by 5 men, who decide to travel from Seattle to Alaska on the water, riding jet skis.  YES, jet skis!  The team dynamic, the scenery up the various coasts, their camaraderie and ability to face very difficult situations with ingenuity and courage, humility and teamwork is what sets this series apart from the rest.  It’s an adventure you can hop on!

Dangerous Water Series Information


The Girlfriend Experience is a new series based upon Steve Soderbergh’s 2009 movie about the experience of a young NY call girl.  The sailor and I liked the movie but the series is much more intimate.  We are introduced to a young lady who is at the primitive stage of that choice.  The story is told through her experience and in the series there’s much more going on than simply that.  The previews of the episodes to come hint at company employee corruption and misconduct, co-workers threatening to expose our lead actresses nightly episodes into the public arena unless she drops certain discoveries regarding her own company and essentially them.  It’s intriguing, sexy, erotic and interesting.

The Girlfriend Experience – IMBD


Happy Hunting!