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What’s interesting on Netflix Right Now

So people if you know me, you know I love movies.  Sometimes when it’s late at work and it’s after hours, know what I’m sayin?  

And I’m still at work doing expense reports, I generally have a benign movie playing on my iPhone in the background, usually truth be told: Columbo.  I love Columbo.  I think I’ve seen them all so I don’t have to pay close attention to what’s going on.  I’m actually concentrating on the task at hand but it comforts me to have Peter Falk scratching his head and annoying the shit out of a suspect.  Who knew?  It works.  I almost feel like a detective myself when I’m trying to match expenses with clues from emails and calendar invites.  In short, works for me!

However during the bus ride home, I buss out my iPhone and throw on a Netflix number.  I’m tired of looking at the rest of the passengers, they’re damn sure tired of looking at me and my mind is too fried to read.  After work, I simply want to be entertained.  So if I’m not tweeting or on my Pinterest, I’ll probably be on Netflix.

So I found three gems.  Now this is not your average, meaning not everyone is going to find what I find interesting of interest n’est pas?  So take this with a grain of salt.  You must understand that these days I’m really interested in people – their inner lives, how they act toward each other, taking ordinary events and finding the extraordinary.  It kind of gives me an insight into people, into their makeup and character and quite frankly, there’s nothing better than gaining insight when you’re a writer.  Okay, enough said.  Here are my picks:


God’s Pocket (Drama) – Some actors resonate with me.  Philip Seymour Hoffman is one such actor.  He’s interesting.  He’s genuine.  He’s believable.  There’s simply nothing that he’s done that I haven’t liked or believed.  A few examples of incredible films with Philip are: The Hunger Games, Doubt, A Most Wanted Man, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Before the Devil Knows Your Dead and God’s Pocket.  It’s a shame this talent is gone forever.

God’s Pocket is about the good and evil that can live in a small town and how the people of the town handle a murder and subsequent cover-up.  The most brilliant part of this movie is the seemingly even keel surface of each character and the underlying revelations that take place as the story moves forward.  If you want to check out the trailer please click “God’s Pocket” below.

God’s Pocket


Hush – (Thriller) Hush is a movie that interested me because it’s about a writer, a deaf/mute writer residing in a beautiful home in the middle of the woods, who is hunted by a random psycho.  Now yes this movie sounds like it’s been done to death already however, it’s clever, it’s a nod to thriller films of another time.  It’s cleverly done, like A Stranger is Calling.  It’s not about blood, torture and gore as much as it is about thinking on your feet and never giving up.  One brilliant aspect of this film is both the utilization of sound and the absence of it.  It gives you a more complete picture of the trauma that the feature character is facing.  I loved it but if you scare easily you may not want to watch this alone.  Invite your girls, break open that bottle of wine, hug your favorite pillow and get into it! If you’re anything like me, you’ll be shouting at the screen, closing your eyes, clapping your hand over your mouth and holding your breath.  Lately I’ve been re-watching it on my bus ride home because I missed some important scenes during my first screening when I was working.  Of course while watching the movie along with my antics, the people on the bus have renewed interest in watching me, watch the movie…lol

You know you want to see the trailer and by now you know the drill.


The Girl in The Book (Drama) – If you haven’t gotten enough of watching my girl from Revenge and she’s got an even bigger role in Captain America: Civil War – none other than Ms. Emily Vandecamp then you’re in luck!

The Girl In the Book

The Girl In the Book features Emily, who plays a book editor – (yes I’m totally immersing myself in all things writer related), anyhoo she plays a book editor who has trouble speaking her mind both at home and at work.  What the cause may turn out to be is a troubling string of events that took place more than ten years prior when she was a teen.  The story gets interesting when her past and present intersect and her already tipsy life starts to become even more conflicted and precarious.  The girl in me shouted during certain scenes while the woman in me cringed and then later did the exact opposite.  I loved this movie for a myriad of reasons but most importantly because I get a not so secret thrill when bearing witness to a story where a girl/woman finds her voice especially when she never had one and has to invent it!

To see the trailer please click below.

The Girl In The Book