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The Tumble – Chapter 36

A new girl started today.  Want to know what she was hired for?  That makes two of us, and a happy Monday to you too.  Ever since Posh fired our girl, it seemed that it would take a few people to fill her shoes.  She however had one helluva title, Director of Marketing or some such business.  What she lacked in knowledge she made up for in enthusiasm.  Already the ginger-snap was at it, attempting to bully and boss the new chica around.  But the jig was up.  New girl wasn’t biting.  I almost fell sorry for Charlie.  This was a whole new world for red; the lass was young, capable, secure and white, hailing from England no less.  Red’s knickers were in a twist while the new Brit bounced betwixt ignoring or challenging her.

Sonia and I sat on the sidelines, popcorn in one hand and keeping score with the other.  The distraction served me well.  Last night all I could think about was clapping eyes on my tiger.  Today I was filled with nervous energy.  How would he behave when we were face to face?  Would he feel any difference?  Would it make him stop wanting me?  The questions circled my mind like vultures vying for a way in, or out.  And as I could draw no conclusion, I had but to endure.

To make matters worse he refrained from texting me at all.  Last night he was all but urgent.  Today, the silence was deafening and made meeting seem all but trivial.  I flicked my cigarette annoyingly and went back upstairs to throw myself into work; answering Posh’s emails and putting together her London itinerary.  There were no answers in my silent worries.

At 10 to 5, I got a text.

Cat I’m at the corner.

My heart skipped a beat and my throat suddenly went dry.

I’ll be down in a minute.  Just shutting off my computer.

In truth, I was in the bathroom applying my lip liner.  I had finished my work quota ten minutes ago and didn’t want to wait around the office for a text that might never come.  Now that it had, I couldn’t tell if I preferred avoidance.  If the shoe had been on the other foot would I want to stick around?  What was this anyway but a pipe-dream?  We inhaled, poisoned ourselves and let the rest go.  The high was never satisfying enough so we came back for more, even though we knew finality was imminent.

I adjusted my jacket, arranged my hair carefully to the side and threw up my hoodie; Indian Bride meets MIA.  If I knew any gang signs this would be the time to throw em’ up – I silently echoed to the girl in the mirror.  Fight or flightI willI might.  I shot myself a peace sign and deuced out.


I saw him first.  He had his back to me, pacing, smoking in his easy manner.  I wanted to run to him but kept my natural pace.  He turned and seemed surprised to see me.  He smiled, unsure and gently enfolded me without the application of pressure.  I inhaled the boy, poisoned myself and let the rest go.  I held my hands stiffly in their pockets in preparation.  He sensed something amiss, clamped his strong fingers around my upper arm and held me away from him.  I was afraid to look at him, withness the absence of heat in his eyes.

“Babe what’s a matter?  Why aren’t you looking at me?”

I shifted my feet anxiously.

I’m afraid of what you have to say.” The words tumbled forward and landed awkwardly between us.

He shook his head and chuckled good-naturedly and I knew I worried for naught.

“Ba-abe, what did you think I was gonna say?  Come here you silly girl.  And don’t be putting your hands in your pocket like you don’t want to give me a hug.”

He held me with a fierceness that I returned and I could feel the tension leave my body.  He whispered words that I could not understand but they lulled me into a tranquil state while his body provoked a more primal response.  I wanted to melt into his skin.

He took my bag, threw it over his shoulder and just like that, we fell into our regularly scheduled program.  When the park was in view he stopped me short.

“What’s a matter tiger?”  My brows crinkled with question.

He took my face using both his hands and planted a slow kiss that increased in urgency, crystallizing his message.

“Your daughter home?”

I was so excited at the prospect of feeling him inside of me that I could barely see past my desire.

“Yes.” The lone word trembled from my lips, laced with trepidation.

My daughter would be heading home in less than an hour.  She had no plans but home this evening.  I tried not to feel disappointed.

“Is there any place else we can go?”  One hand slid down to my neck where he applied slight pressure.

I swallowed slowly and switched on my brain. Little did he know I had already done the research.  There was a love nest not far that took cash by the hour.  I’m a Capricorn, it was in my nature to be thorough.

I wanted to feign innocence but I was too caught up in the wanting of him to waste precious time.  I needed to get naked, legs wrapped around his waist, his fingers working my neck the way he knew I preferred instead of this subversive threat.

“There’s a place, about 20 minutes from here.”  I whispered.

“What are we waiting for Cat?”  He kissed the answer from me. Not a damn thing tiger.