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Keeping your Poise Even in the Wet Season

To my ladies,

Yes let’s talk about it.  The cough or sneeze that triggers a small leak in your nether-regions.

Apparently it’s not always time to “hail the V!”  Sometimes the island of mystery surrounded by shrubbery simply betrays you.  Yes my girl, you get to a certain age and all of a sudden that tiny, sexy almost pantyliner is sorely out-manned, outgunned and outmaneuvered, it’s protection, laughable, or rather, not so much.  In point of fact you’re left feeling like maybe you should call Rihanna and tell her you might need to borrow her Umbrella ella ella  – And unfortunately it ain’t rainin’ men!

Fortunately for us, we’re not living in our mamas times.  Quite frankly I hear some of the stories my mammE told me, especially when they were riding the crimson wave and I quite literally cringe – even though she tells it so charmingly – like the narration of Little Women.  All I can think of because I live in the age of Amazon, where even charcoal powder is at my fingertips and but two days away from click to front door – is chuch, my poor poor mammE!

I must say I went through the trial of most women.  In my 20’s when I was still hot to trot and having clandestine mating – ahem, I mean meetings with the male counterpart and felt the need to not have the faint aroma of urine clinging to my silky thangs I discovered the pantyliner.  Oh how that little sticky runway saved my honor more times than I dare count.

But in my 40’s my hygiene through no fault of my own took a serious nose-dive.  South of the border where I once smelled like peaches and cream from sunup to sundown – unpredictably on some days I became quite the fish market.  So instead of being embarrassed and becoming a recluse I decided let me do some preliminary research and see if a product will help.

And voila, Summer’s Eve cleansing wash did the trick.  Every evening when taking my shower, I replaced my soap, just to wash my intimates and have never had an issue. 

I probably used it more than I had to because after a few months though I kept the product on hand, I went back to using my regular body soap and no issues.  Once in awhile if I sniff something untoward, I reach for my Summer’s Eve and I’m set to rights once again!

Now this new problem has arisen but I’m happy to report it comes with a solution!  At first when I experienced the excess leaks I thought I’ll just use my period pads, after all, same concept right?  Wrong!  Period pads are not meant for water leakage, like at all!

I know, I was like that too however keep your Poise and keep your Poise close, preferably in the bathroom cabinet where you keep the rest of your dignity products.  Yes Poise pads are absolutely essential for women who experience this problem.  Poise Ultra Thin Pads - 6919202

I don’t know the science behind Poise but I can tell you it locks in the moisture and the odor like nobody’s business!  It works and it doesn’t feel intrusive or bulky.  Try it.  You’re investing around $10 to $15 bucks in yourself – and it’s much cheaper at Walmart or places like that.  Aren’t you worth it?

Can I tell you – last night I saw a commercial starring this woman who looked like she was in her 60s and pray tell what was the product, an underwear that looked very much like a thin diaper promising no overnight leaks.  Not only can you sleep like a baby, but you can wear the same undergarment.  My face went quite quickly back to

… but let’s hope in the next 15 years they’re still not concentrating on Viagra!