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Our Dinner and a Musical Night – Saturday, May 14th

Saturday, the day I was suppose to wake up at 10ish so I could have a languid breakfast of cinnamon toast raisin bagel, slathered generously with cream cheese and my huge Cracker Barrel coffee mug, which equals about one and a half cups a’ joe because Saturdays are my savor days.  I get up and shut the door to my bedroom just so I do not have to witness my rumpled bed covers.  The sailor and I hobble about making breakfast together or rather on more occasions than not, I make breakfast while he sits on the dining room chair keeping me company.  I dig it.  He’s the cutest little baby seal ever and just wants to be near me whether he’s being useful or not.  I ain’t mad at him.  He’s pretty sexy in his tighty whities!

After breakfast has been made, we troop our freshly adorned goods to our little tables perched opposite our big, comfy couch and nestle in under the blankets while tuning to a show we can both watch.

Yes that is my perfection of confection when it comes to my Saturday mornings.  However, this such Saturday I was exhausted and didn’t wake from the bed until 11.  I calculated that I would have to start getting ready at 12 if I wanted to appear dazzling for this evening’s revelry.

What to do, what to do?  If I languished, I’d undoubtedly look like who did it and ran, totally busted.












No, not that kind of busted, more like this without the precious.

There simply wasn’t enough time to do both.  So I did something I hadn’t done in a long time; I pushed my relaxation to the side and got to work.  This is not even like a year ago when taking an entire day to pamper myself felt awesome.  These days taking care of myself feels like work.  Yes the thrill is gone.  It’s more of a “have to” than “want to” and I’m hanging in there by the skin of my teeth.  Other women have described this feeling to me and I must say, I just didn’t get it.  I kept thinking, why wouldn’t you want to spend time on yourself?  Well I’ll tell you why – because anything that takes away from your time spent doing as little as possible feels like a trial.  The only time I’ve ever craved sleep more is when I was pregnant, and then after the baby came.  After I got through that hurdle I’m sure I became immortal because lack of sleep didn’t seem to bother me much.  Now if I don’t at least get six hours I move through the day much like a non-functioning alcoholic.  I feel totally in a daze, drunk if you will, unable to focus or concentrate on any one task – and that’s the good part!  Sooo, you understand why putting aside myself for myself was epic.

Anyhoo, I made my coffee, in my regular mug, ate my breakfast crisps on the go, while I cleaned the house quickly and then got down to washing and moisturizing my hair, shaving everything, taking time to apply my makeup and finding a dress that didn’t make me feel like a poor unfortunate soul!

Wasn’t easy but I managed.  I even managed to paint my nails!

Let me tell you it was all worth it.  I felt beautiful and I was so glad I put in the time.

Now first off, we had dinner reservations for Beauty and Essex at 5pm.

Beauty and Essex

We entered the front door, which yes, you read correctly if you checked out the link above, is a pawn shop!

Don’t be fooled, beyond that door lies a magical experience.

We ordered drinks at the bar and waited for the staff to prepare our table as they just open at 5pm.

Opposite the bar is a huge wall to wall, firm, leather couch with small, wooden tables to hold your spirits.  You no longer need to crowd around a narrow bar, trying to keep out of the way of passing staff.  Wow, what an agreeable thought.  In actuality the bar/waiting area is wide, the entire space is dimly lit and has touches of gold accoutrements, sparkling grey walls and a splash of colorful peacock feathers giving a 1920’s glam aura.

Each space is separated by a rectangular archway, of which there are three:

The Bar, the main dining room and a separate space with a large table for about 12 for semi-private functions.

The food is served Tapas style, small plates with each dish consisting of three pieces – everything is meant envelope you in an intimate experience.  The food was divine.  We had the crab rangoon, rib, jerk chicken, chicken meatball – every flavor unique and yet paired well with one another.  For dessert we had the butterscotch pudding-like thingiE, the box of donuts and the petit cupcakes – again absolutely yummE!  Every drink was just as subtle and delicious as the food.  If you want to feel glamorous, as if you’ve stepped back in time, through a secret door, have dinner here.  For the three of us, dinner with drinks cost roundabouts $200 smackers, break that down to 67ish a Thespian and you’re making out like a bandit.

I just want to mention because it was so noticeable, that many of our fellow diners that evening were large groups of females, by the looks of them, a mixture of friends and family.  As I looked around the room, there was a group of 20 something year olds, another group of women in their 30s and then yet another group of females who looked to be in their late 40s early 50s and I must say I thought YASSSS – they so reminded me of my Teacups and I through various stages of our lives.  It’s also refreshing to see women together, enjoying each others company and having a great time.

We wrapped it up around 7:00 and grabbed a cab to head over to the musical.

We saw Waitress which promptly began at 8!  We bought seats on the upper level, in the middle, which were amazing seats for $99 a pop!  (Not bad)

Waitress The Musical

The musical was as rich and sumptuous as I imagined one of Jenna’s pies to be.  The cast and I mean all of them, from the leads, to the supporting, to the prop supporters, to the band, were all respected and showcased and absolutely wonderful talents.  The story might have been one we’ve heard a thousand times but it was expressed in such a creative, humorous way that it felt original.  I was so engulfed that several times I wanted to reach for the remote and rewind a few seconds when I didn’t quite catch a word or two of dialogue.  The songs were delightful and while I anticipated humor I truly didn’t expect it to be quite so hilarious and entertaining as it undeniably is!  If I were to rate it from one to ten – I would give it an 11.  It exceeded all expectations and was a true pleasure to watch.

The reason I wanted to see Waitress is that one day while going to work, I was listening to my Pandora as per usual and I came across this captivating song called “She Use To Be Mine.”  I added it to my Youtube playlist and subsequently learned that the song was written for this musical.  Of course that prodded me into doing a little more research and once I read the story, I fell hard, hook, line and sinker.

Trust me, you will be too.  If you dig musicals and you want a night out on the town, a special date coming your way or you simply wish to treat yourself, repeat this evening for yourself.  You’ll be glad you did!