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More FB Drama… – Thou Art the Bane of My Very Existence

So hello peoples – if you know me, then you damn sure know I’m not about this trend that seems to be taking over the world – you know the one – I personally call it the War on Women.  Sound a little strong does it?  Well strap in because it’s not stronger than some of these messages going around, not to mention the gifs and memes that are circling the globe via social media at an exponential rate.

Still clueless?  Let me cite an example – shall I???

Now pray tell what are the insinuations here???  Let’s examine a bit closer shall we?  The Pussy – you mean my pussy – oh yeah that’s right – the nether-regions that actually belong to ME.  it’s never yours – um yeah – cause it’s mine!

But alright I picked up what you put down – the pussy is just open to anyone and everyone, and right now it ain’t yours it’s just your turn – like baseball- batter up.

So what about your dick?  You mean to imply that shit is virginal??? Yeah ok – Swarovski makes real diamonds, James Bond really does work for England, and chocolate is a dietary supplement!  Child bye!!!!

Let’s not get it twisted – Anything you can do I can do better – wait no – that’s not exactly what I meant.  What I truly mean is where do men get off acting as if they can bash women for behavior they themselves consider their God given right?  In case you missed the memo this is the 21st Century: we can own property, we can vote, we can build airplanes, fight fires, join WWF, race cars, write books, run for President and … wait for it …  have sex – even after we’ve bestowed another with the gift our virginity. – Oh Happy Day – will wonders ever cease?

So – and this is just a wee suggestion, instead of spending your time worrying about what we’re doing – why don’t you spend time trying to catch up???  Then we can all acquire that equal ground I’ve been hearing so much about.

thank you – I’m here all week.