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Women – Breathe, and Please Stop Telling The Rest of Us What To Wear

The fashion guru’s the media, the bloggers, the self-proclaimed fashionistas of the new age millennium – while some may consider you trendsetters the rest of us want you to hang it up.

What qualifies one for this position of power might I ask?  Perhaps the masses that follow your lead? That could be accurate.  But for every ten that do – consider there might be a smaller number granted, (but exist they do) – that do not.

I am one such individual but before you try to extinguish my light – back up – for I am far from alone.

Yes women are coming out in full force of extraordinary support and bellowing a resounding NO MORE.  First we had the men and media telling us what we could and could not wear, then our own kids (hopefully delicately) suggested some of our clothing might, dare I say, be inappropriate, and now we’ve got to contend with other women, of a various age range (strangers indeed) regurgitating the same tiresome message.

Oh mon frere – I do declare – je ne comprends pas.


My style has always been a little wild, a little sexy, a little sizzle – un-apologetically so.  I have no intention of checking myself.  If I feel good in what I’m wearing, then by George, Harry and Hamlet – I’m gonna wear it.  Do I need to rock a Tupac Only God Can Judge Me Tee?

Ladies, hear me – if you feel good and you think you look good, then rock it til’ the wheels fall off.  It’s all good under the hood – ya feel me.

By the by, I’ve come across two amazing articles that solidify my point in a unique way.  Take it from my sisters from other misters.

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