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The Shapewear and The Dress

Hello there kittens.  Sooo I normally cut it close when it comes to going to an event and needing to shop for a dress and this upcoming wedding was no exception.  However it’s very, very rare that my go-to place would let me down, and they hadn’t yet!

My cousin’s daughter was getting married and in Texas no less.  So my sailor and I decided that we would tack on a few days to the visit and make a mini-vacation out of it.

In any case I diverse… I had NO dress.  I mean I had a few – stashed in the closet but nothing came to mind as something I hadn’t already worn or even something I could comfortably squeeze into since it seems these days all I have been doing is catching my ass with working, writing and any extra time I prefer to lay on the couch or nap like a 90 year old!

Anyhoo I went to my favorite place in the world to acquire a dress on the budget I’m most comfortable with – less than $100 smackers – IF that!

And whoa, did I find the dress.  When I first saw it I fell in love with it because it was so different than my usual style.  And quite frankly the first thing I thought of when I did see it, was that it was more reminiscent of my mother’s style.  Now don’t get me wrong, I actually love my mother’s style, but it’s just never appealed to me as a dress I would incorporate into my style.  Ya feel me?  Anyway I joked with the fellas at Burlington, telling them that if I looked like an old lady, they would see me right back there on the morrow.  They good-naturedly laughed and told me that they wouldn’t see me because they were sure it was going to look great.  Well from their lips to God’s ears right?  Right!

Anyway I went home, tried the dress on, and wow, fell in love with everything, except the fact that I looked about three months preggars.  Yes apparently all of my excess fat has made a very comfortable nest egg in my tummy tum tum!  Oh Joy!

How will I solve this and still wear the dress without people offering me a seat every second and asking me when was I due and what were we thinking of naming it.

Now usually I’m that girl who’s idea of shape-wear is cutting up a Hanes control top pantyhose and rolling it upward directly beneath my boobs.  Yes, that girl I’m afraid.  I don’t like anything that makes me feel like I can’t breathe.  I abhor maintenance during an event, constantly tugging this, adjusting that.

So I decided desperate times and whatnot – bit the bullet and purchased from Amazon – what my sister and I have affectionately dubbed The Borat!

Well not quite.  More like this bad boy from Amazon for a cool $22.99


And ladies and gentlemen, with that get-up- this was the result of moi in the dress!

That bad boy kept me in check all night.  And may I just say that I could sit, stand, walk around, breathe with absolutely no issues!  It’s breathable.  If you don’t hear angels singing in a choir right now, I don’t know about you boo boo.  I couldn’t believe it at all but trust ME – it worked!  I was incredibly pleased with the results and at that tiny price – it’s well worth it!

A few things you should know before purchasing this shape-wear:  #1, I am a size 12.  I purchased the shape-wear in a size 10-12.  I probably could have squished into an 8-10 but I didn’t want to be squished up.  I preferred to have a smooth silhouette without feeling extremely constricted and the 10-12 was perfect, flexible and very breathable.  Also this product is crotch-less and the opening is absolutely more than adequate.  I was riding the crimson wave (whoa is me) the night I wore this underneath my dress so I threw my granny panties right on top of this bad boy and not only did it worked like a charm but my look was still completely seamless.  I just couldn’t go wrong!  You could go to the bathroom with ease as many times as necessary without having to zip down, snap up, or pull forward.  No more contortionist skills in a tiny stall necessary!  This product also allows you to wear your own bra.  It does not come equipped with any breast covering.  This also is wonderful and allows for a lot of freedom of choice.  My dress had a pretty decent amount of cleavage so I was able to wear one of my bras that has a deep V and you couldn’t see anything but the dress, which of course, is ideal.

Oh and did I mention that the dress was a cool $60!  Even with the earrings, ring and shape-wear everything was still under $100!  Trust me when I tell you, you do NOT have to have a million to look like a million!  That’s my stunning cuz in the silver, Shelly.  I’m in blue, alongside my handsome sailor!

You may not be able to see my jewelry, ring, earrings and bracelet – but those items cost me about $20 in my favorite go-to costume jewelry store: Earrings Plaza!


Burlington Coat Factor


Earrings Plaza

Adress: 1263 Braodway, NYC 10001

Tel#: 212-685-5666


Shymay Women’s Full Body Shaper


Happy Hunting!