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The Tumble – Chapter 39

“Sonia, I mean seriously, if that chica had said another word I think I was gonna lose my mind.”  I rolled my eyes dramatically, bringing the cup to my lips for a deep sip.

“Honey, I already told you, when you see that she’s a little more crazy than usual, and Posh is not in the office, just hide in here.  At least you can close the door and drown her out.”

“Girl when she’s got her goat up she actually follows me up in this piece.”  I stated incredulously, munching on my warm, delicious, flaky chocolate croissant from Pret.

Sonia cracked up.  “I should have known.  It’s not like you’d really want to close the door in here anyway, it stinks so bad.”

“Why you think I keep this bad boy handy?”  I grinned, reaching overhead and snatching the Febreeze off of the bookshelf.

“Girl she and Posh got that odor situation in common.”  Sonia nodded, while pecking away on her iPhone.

“What’s up, Posh coming in today?”  I asked, returning the Febreeze to its former housing.

“Wha-?”  Sonia’s eyes darted over to me and then back again to her screen, completely distracted.

“Sonia what you peck peckin’ away over there about?”  I jerked my head in her direction before polishing off the last bite of my croissant and draining my cup.

“Wait, hold up.”  She said, putting me on pause while she answered Posh’s text.

When she finished, she raised her head and gave me a weary look.

“No girl, as usual she’s scared of the office.  But of course she wants me to run a few things by her apartment before I go home.”

I shook my head but held my tongue.  That type of nonsense was nothing new, and commenting on it would only add to Sonia’s burden.

“Want to go to Wendy’s and get a frosty toots?”  I asked instead.

“Girl didn’t you just have breakfast?”  Sonia pursed her lips disapprovingly.

I had to burst out laughing.  “Well yeah, but it wasn’t like a five course English provincial girl.  I could eat.”

“Missy you are too much.  Let me finish up a few things, you get started on her emails and we’ll take a walk over to Wendy’s in like an hour or so.  That’s around lunch time anyway.”

Really?  I flicked my wrist and checked the time.  It was damn near 11 already?  I shouldn’t have been surprised.  I wasn’t exactly sleeping until the wee hours of the morn.  When the alarm went off, I kept hitting the snooze button like I was swatting an annoying fly.  Since I made it a point to leave the office when all of my tasks were complete, Posh never really cared what time I pranced in.  But even I had to raise an eyebrow this morning.  I better pull up my socks before I forced her into a corner and gave her no choice but to confront me.

“Damn Sonia, I didn’t realize how late I was.  I better get settled and start my shit.  I’ll check the voicemail and then come back in here and work off of Posh’s computer.”

“Alright honey.”  Sonia waved me off before picking up the phone and dialing a vendor.

“Hey.”  I mumbled un-enthusiastically over my shoulder to Red while I hung my coat on the hook behind the door.

I heard a pause in her keystrokes for a few seconds before she resumed pace.  I suppose that was the best greeting I could expect today.  Frankly I’d take it over hearing her verbalize any day.

I inched my chair closer to my desk and began to tackle one incident at a time while checking the voicemail.

***************  ****************  ******************************** ********************** ***************

“Listen missy I’m gonna cut outta here now so I can drop this stuff off at her apartment.  Thanks again for the Frosty.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I looked up over Posh’s computer at Sonia, watching her gather various files and knickknacks, tossing them into her huge travelling tote.

“No problemO chica.  I’ll see you tomorrow.  And I won’t be nowhere near as late as I was this morning.”  I replied contritely.

“Girl you know I don’t give a shit but it’s probably better for you, so you can leave at a decent time.  Who the hell wants to be here that late anyway?”

“True that.”  I tossed back as she bounded down the hallway.

I settled my eyes back onto my screen when my phone buzzed.

It had been six days since I heard anything.  I had been quietly preparing myself never to hear from him again. This was not the world I was use to; men frittering in and out and of my life without so much as a by your leave.  Yet pride kept me from admitting as much openly.  Instead I tried to be a woman of today and play it cool, accept whatever came my way, at least where appearances were concerned.  In truth, I obsessed inwardly over his cease and desist, formulated a thousand theories, none the least flattering, and relentlessly tormented myself with thoughts of his body pressed against mine, the poetic language he whispered in my ear when the world was quiet and we were alone.

I finished a few more emails before picking up my phone.

I’m sorry I haven’t been around Cat.  There’s been a lot on my mind.  

Well what the fuck did that mean?  How underwhelming that after four days, this is what he chose to text.  I was angry and yet I was relieved to hear from him.  The feeling of disappointment was consistent.  First he disappointed me, then I, myself.

I couldn’t think of a suitable reply.  I had gotten what I wished for, an answer.

I committed to sullen silence, put the phone down and went back to Posh’s emails.

An hour later when I took my coat off of the door hook, the tiger had neither texted nor called me.  Since I could only be let down once, I shrugged it off, tossed my phone into my bag and turned out the lights.

Somehow tonight, I knew I would sleep.  Despite the ambiguity of everything between us I was aware of one thing, this round belonged to me.  He caved.