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The Hot List – What to Watch Now!!!

Now you know that I AM A MOVIE BUFF.  I love everything about them; the character development, dialogue, scenes, emotions, etc.  In fact when I write, it’s never words I see but scenes and writing is simply a visual depiction of the stories in my head.  Anyway I’ve been viewing quite a few treats on the small screen.  Here’s my HOT LIST.


Power – Season 3 – If you haven’t seen Season 1 and 2 – then it’s a great time to have a couch date for a weekend and binge, binge, binge.  My sailor and I stop off at our neighborhood Walgreens and fill a basket with ice cream, chip and dip and chocolate simply for such events.  Our checkout guy last week said “now that looks like a basket of heaven right there.”  Trust me, he’s not far from the mark!  Season 3 of Power has just one more episode before it wraps, so this is a great time to get Starz for one month and have a SOYA (sit on your ass) kind of weekend.  What’s so special about POWER?  The title is the perfect explanation for this tasty morsel.  You want to see what happens when a man has it all, family, wealth, position but it’s all fruit from a poisonous tree, the drug game, and he starts to make moves to go legit?  Sounds like it’s been done to death right?  Wrong.  The interesting thing about Power is not just the characters but the shift in Power among them.  One minute you’re ride or die with Ghost, the next, you’re siding with Tommy.  The female characters are not to be left in the dust on this either.  They’re strong, resilient, brilliant and decisive.  I love the diverse cast members, the backdrop of the city and let’s not even talk about the chills that creep under my skin when 50 comes in contact with the screen.  Come on – you can feel the attraction already. – PS – Amazon is offering Starz for $8.99 per month, or you can buy each season for $15.00.  That’s less than a couple of McDonald’s meal these days!’

Queen of The South – Spanish never sounded so sexy until I heard Camilla Vargas speak.  Don’t doubt me.  Close your mouth and open your ears!  It’s time to Telemundo people!  Well actually you can watch the episodes in English or Spanish, whatever you prefer.  What’s it about?  It’s about a chic – Alice Braga (who I predicted would be a star the moment I saw her in I Am Legend,) a girl who lives the high life because her boyfriend is a wealthy drug dealer (sense a theme among my interests…lol ya might be on to something) – until one day her boyfriend gets murdered and Teresa tumbles down a rabbit hole of killers, cartels and kingpins.  Season 1 just wrapped so this is another golden opportunity to get your snack on and binge watch the entire season.  And don’t be dubious because Season 2 has already been renewed.  Teresa is on a new level and I suspect as we saw her fall in Season 1 – we will surely witness her rise in 2 – and if its anything like Season 1 – it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

If you have any of these providers you can sign on and watch episodes for free.  Follow my link below:


To watch QOTS in English click below:

Queen of  The South – English

To watch QOTS in Spanish click below:

Queen of South – Spanish

The Good Wife – This is something I’ve been dying to view since it was presented years ago, in 2009 – I mean look at the players – Julianna Margolis, Chris Noth, the very scintillating Archie Panjabi, Christine Baranski and one of my favorites, (the bad guy from SWAT,) Josh Charles.  – Almost any series that has anything to do with courtroom drama, I’m in like skin – throw in this caliber of players and the fact that it’s Ridley and Tony Scott’s baby – well it’s just the type of thang that sells itself.

The Good Wife

Downton Abbey – Really – who hasn’t seen this?  That’s not the question – the question is who doesn’t want to see it again and again and again?  Guess what – if you have Amazon Prime, Season 1-6 are FREE to watch.  I’m sorry – did you hear me?  I said Season 1-6 are ALL FREE TO WATCH.  And if you don’t have  Prime, did you get your brain stuck in a grater?  Get it!  It pays for itself after you order three items.  If the free shipping doesn’t tempt you, all of the movies and series you can watch for FREE absolutely, positively should unless your soft in the head.  Prime has eclipsed Netflix when it comes to my choice of provider for what I prefer to watch and I’ll bet my bottom dollar that it’ll get you too.

Downton Abbey Season 1-6 on Amazon Prime Video

The Danish Girl – All of the critics said this was a tear-jerker and they weren’t kidding.  First off, it’s based on a true story so that alone had me sniffling 30 minutes in.  Jamie Redgrave is devine but Alicia Vikander, my favorite actress of the moment, absolutely stuns.  There were scenes where I stopped chewing.  Chewing people!  Do you know how hard that is for me with chocolate in hand???  I’ve never seen a depiction of someone who could love another person so completely.  It was like watching a miracle.  Jamie’s character is brave and bold but Alicia’s character is sublime and spellbinding.  You will not be able to look away.  A movie about life, love, laughter and art – it’s quite frankly, a masterpiece.

The Danish Girl

Wild Card – Jason Stratham – he gambles, kicks ass, learns a few lessons through the hard knocks association and looks beautiful doing it – plus he rocks his accent like it’s a Guy Ritchie film, which it ain’t.  It’s actually a Simon West film – Stratham worked with West in tidbits like The Mechanic and Expendables –  Nuff’ said! – Did I mention it’s FREE on Prime?

Wild Card

Z for Zachariah – Intriguing.  There’s 3 people in this film, Margot Robbie, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Chris Pine, why?  Because after whatever holocaust, nuclear or otherwise left the state of most of the world uninhabitable, these three managed to survive and find their way toward each other.  What’s interesting is the subtle, underlying tension that unfolds when two becomes three and only one thinks three is a crowd.  It’s a calm river before the waterfall drop, which is also FREE on Prime.

Z for Zachariah

5 to 7 – This film made me cry in scene 1, why?  Because it’s narrated by Anton Yelchin and as you may know, that poor boy died recently in a freak accident involving his car, pinning him to a gate and subsequently killing him.  I was so sorry to have heard the news.  I think he’s a sweetheart with a lot of talent, from Star Trek to Terminator to this movie 5 to 7.  He will be missed and his potential, untapped.  Anyway, dry your eyes, 5 to 7 is among the most charmant films you will ever see.  First of all the female lead is played by Berenice Marlohe – the beautiful bad ass with the nails I have been trying to duplicate ever since I had the pleasure of seeing her in Skyfall.

Image result for berenice marlohe gif

See what I’m sayin?  So let’s get back to the nitty gritty – what’s 5 to 7 about?  Une affaire de ceour of course.  An American young man, an older French married woman with kids – GAME ON!  By the by, who plays Anton’s parents but Glenn Close and Frank Langella!  (Mic Drop) – trust me – laugh, cry, love and enjoy some Francais – I won’t spoil it by revealing who plays the husband but I will say it’s like wiping your ass with silk!

Bon appetit.

5 to 7