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The Tumble- Chapter 40

I turned the corner and he manifested, like an apparition.  I had to blink twice to be certain.  I’d been piteously attempting through sheer will,to conjure him for over a week.  It would stand to reason that he would appear just as my hope had vanished.

“This is a surprise.” I stated flatly.

He furnished me with a with the primal look of a tiger before grasping my shoulders and molding my body into his.

“I want to disappear inside of you Cat.”

Minutes stretched into infinity.  If there were others, they f a d e d from view.  Why was it so easy for him to take me there?  To a place where only the feel of him against me mattered?

My body surrendered but my heart and mind had other plans.

“Well you’re good at disappearing, at any rate.”  I finished coldly.  Pushing against him softly. My words held the power that my body could not muster.  I needed some distance or it would be game over.

“Don’t be mad at me Cat.  I know  I’ve been MIA and keeping things from you.  I swear there’s no one else.  I just couldn’t face you.  I’m such a freakin’ loser man.”

He rocked back and forth and grazed his fingers across his skull, from nape to crown in frustration.

“So if that’s the case, then why are you here now?”  I asked in what I was hoped sounded like pretentious boredom.

I let him lead me to the iron bench, the smoking spot at the side of my building, and sat down stiffly next to him.

If I was honest with myself I could admit that I didn’t care why he was here now.  He was here.  It didn’t matter what he would say.  I had already forgiven all.

He was visibly taken aback by my indifference.  I could see it in his face.  He hadn’t expected me to make it hard.  That made two of us.

He chose to address my question and sooth my anger by enfolding my fingers and bringing them to his lips.  The effect was instant.  I could feel my body lapse into a relaxed state and the liquid fire ignited between my legs.  Damn this motherfucker was good.

His eyes searched my face as he held onto my hand, securely fixing it between the walls of his inner thighs.  He needn’t have bothered at this point.  I was transfixed.

“I got fired.”

I sat up straight and tilted my head to left with attitude.


“Yeah ba-abe.  Derrick fired me.”

I yanked my hand forcefully but he held on without so much as twitching.

“So what?  Why would that make you ignore me for so long, especially after what you said to me the last time we were together?  I mean like – what the fuck dude?”  So much for holding back.

“Dude?  Now I know I’m in big trouble.”  He flashed a sexy grin and I swear I never wanted to hit and fuck someone simultaneously in all my life.

“Imtiaz, I freakin’ hate your stupid ass.”

“Cat, I love your phat ass.”

To keep from laughing I raised my hand to hit his chest but he crushed me against him, lifted up my chin and kissed me into oblivion.


“Yeah?” I whispered, through half hooded eyes.

“I need to fuck you right now.”

I surrendered.  The kid was out for the night.

******************* ********************** *************************** ******************************************

I couldn’t tell you how we arrived, only the moment the door closed we could barely keep our hands off of each other.  He took me from behind, kissed me and whispered words of love in Bangladeshi.  His fingers made my body a river of desire that spilled my ocean of secrets.  Damn, my honey brown skinned lover had me at hello.