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HolE MolE – My Books are available on the Barnes and Nobles Website!!!

Truly, truly epic day – I’ve been dreaming of this moment ever since I started typing out my first fictional story about 12 years ago, in the dark, on an old computer – with an awkward monitor about the size of a small country!  Yeah, it was like that – but today a young lady, and fellow author posted some wonderful news on her FB that her book was now on the Barnes and Nobles Website.  Of course I was thrilled for her but I thought to myself – I’ve been at this writing gig for awhile and my book isn’t there – what’s up with that?  For no particular reason and no expectation, I typed up my name in the search bar at the Barnes and Nobles website and lo and behold my three books HIM, Love In Black & White and The Slipper pop up!

Are you freakin’ kidding me???  I nearly fell over!  That’s three of my dreams coming true.  – One, my book The Slipper is in a library, the public library in Queens, Liberty Avenue, NYC.

Two: A now good friend Ravindra recognized me in an elevator as “the author of that book!”

Three: My books HIM, The Slipper, Love In Black and White are now available on the Barnes and Nobles website!

My fourth dream is to pass by a bookstore and see my book featured on the window or see one or more on the actual shelves!  Hey, God is good, what?  ALL OF THE TIME!

If you want to check them out on B&N please click on the link below!

My Books on Barnes & Nobles