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Save Your Green, Eat Your Greens and Cut the Prep Time By At Least Half!

Hey there sugar dumplings!  So the sailor and I are trying to relieve ourselves of some of this excess weight – yeah it’s time.  I’ve been putting on blubber like I’m going to feed 3 cubs and hibernate for the winter.  Not only are we trying to lose some weight using exercise but also changing up our diet.  And what does that mean?  Eating more greens, salads to be exact.

Here’s the thing.  I actually love salad, the way I do it, not those cosmopolitans on line in front of me during lunch hour.  I get some romaine lettuce or mixed greens, toss in some tuna salad, an egg, some almonds, shredded cheese, grape halves, carrots and cucumbers.  I also then give myself a generous portion of dressing, honey dijon or creamy french – yeah it’s not your skinny cocktail salads but if I’m gonna do the rabbit food, I’m gonna make it as tasty as I can – and I may not lose as much weight as Minnie but my face is not gonna look like I’m smelling hot arse on a platter as I’m eating it either. I’m gonna be as happy as a junebug in shorts eating that bad boy.

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So what, you ask is my issue?  I’m gonna tell you.  After departing from my money-maker at 6:30pm (generally), and spending about two hours commuting (on average), I don’t waltz into my digs until about 8:30pm.  At that point, I really don’t want to spend a whole lot of time preparing grub – I also am not crazy about eating cereal 5 days out of the week either.

So I did a little bit of research and came up with this amazing solution.  The Hamilton Beach 8 cup food processor!


This bad boy, slices, shreds and purees, and chops until your heart’s content.  There are many youtube videos that demonstrate exactly how best to utilize this product for salads, homemade hummus and other delights.  The sailor and I get two salad bowls, wash and place the mixed greens in both bowls, then wash separately two handfuls of carrots, cherry tomatoes, half a green pepper and a cucumber.  We then feed all of the ingredients into the top of the processor.  When we’re done, we empty into an empty bowl, toss it around and pour over our salad, toss the salad again, add two hard boiled eggs on top with some shredded cheese and almonds.  And voila, ten minutes later, you have a delicious, healthy salad.

Might I add I was under the impression that a food processor of this caliber would cost close to at least $60!  But this bad boy cost $26.82 along with free shipping with Amazon Prime.

If you’d like to purchase this item on Amazon please click on the link below:

Hamilton Beach 8 Cup Food Processor on Amazon