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Hey Dude – Quit Being Such a Bloody Prude

Now you know FB is the bane of my existence.  Yes we’ve totally got a love/hate relationship.  I love seeing all of my peeps, and their pics, some of their videos, cheering their creative nature with their makeup skillz depicted in snaps, culinary masterpieces with their recipe sharing, their smiling little bundles of joy in a myriad of poses (quite frankly I’m obsessed with my girl’s kid – his name is Keaton – I mean does it get any better than that? – And he’s just one of the most adorable, shrunken little man marshmellows I’ve ever seen.) Anyhoo I digress – but what I didn’t do was lie – ain’t he the cutest!!!


Most of the time as I scroll through my FB – I like, love and throw out positive comments but then somewhere along the line an event will take place that I simply must speak about – if it’s about civil rights or Black Lives Matter than you damn well know I’m gonna pipe up like nobody’s business.  I’ve been relatively silent when it comes to Trump.  Quite frankly I’m appalled that anyone with any degree of common sense would think that a buffoon like that is qualified to run a nation, much less our nation but honestly FB never fails to surprise me.  People are very verbal about their opinions and I – well – I’m no less so.

In any case why is it that somebody posted this crock of shit:


Seriously??? – Who knew the High Sparrow had time to quit harassing Cersei and drop a comment or three on Facebook?

So lets analyze this for a half second shall we?  You (and you’re none too brawny by the by) are calling out random dudes – and stating that they’re basically pussies because they “allow” their better half – and I use the term tightly (tee hee) to dress sexy during All Hallow’s Eve?  Oh contraire mon non-frere – I can practically hear the shackles clinking around your wife’s dainty feet.  You go on to stipulate (do forgive me, I’ve been watching The Good Wife and I swear by all the sparrows that I’m lookin’ casket sharp and channeling Will Gardner) – where was I? – Oh yes, you go on to say that the wife is dressing like a brazen hussy because she is craving the attention that her pansy ass partner has been withholding for 90% of the year (I’m thinking if the supposition is true then who can blame her?)  In any case – once the hussy gets her attention from (all my Caribbean people say hey) de next man – then hubby will be kicked to the curb or forced to play the cuckhold (not terribly different from the pussy role he’s been playing all of these years!)

Mon Dieu!  Where shall I begin???

Seriously after I stopped laughing, I concocted a rather tame response:


Seriously, get some lube, get that stick out of your ass, release your wife’s manacles and get it on!

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