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The Tumble – Chapter 41

He reported the weekends’ activities into the walkie talkie using a monotone voice, without a hint of personal inflection.

“Friday, September 3rd, 2016

9:30pm – Catrina  and unknown male enter Catrina’s residence.

10:47pm – Catrina and unknown male step out of residence, sit on stoop smoking, conversing, kissing.

11:23pm – Catrina and unknown male return to residence.

Saturday, September 4th, 2016

10:10am – Catrina kisses unknown male as he leaves residence.


As per various sightings identical to the above for the past few months: I conclude that Catrina and unknown male are still continuing a sexual relationship.

Do you want me to keep following her?”

Static courses through the air when he pressed the button to listen.

A clear male voice calmly stated the order.

“Negative.  Follow him.”

He pressed the button and leaned into the walkie and acknowledged the order.


The lone male figure in the blue Honda Civic dialed down the volume on the walkie before returning it along with his notes to the passenger seat.  From prior experience he knew this scene wouldn’t be likely to repeat until the middle of the week.  He’d park the car and continue his surveillance on foot when the two lovebirds met in the city.  Once he was close enough to obtain a name, he would run the pedigree.  By the end of the week, he’d know more about this guy than his own mammy.