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Trump – The New President Elect – Knock Me Down For Six…

We’ve come to the end of another Presidential Election. The votes have been counted and the decision has been made. I for one still count myself among the privileged as I voted for Candidate Hillary Clinton, who obviously, did not win. It’s exceptionally upsetting that anyone would think this particular individual is the right person for our highest office but of course, others disagreed. Now let me say this with all sincerity – Donald Trump never struck me as a person who genuinely wanted the job of presidency. He wanted to win. He joked consistently about how he could say or do anything and still get the votes and he apparently was right. So to you, Mr. President Elect I say this – Welcome. Welcome to the arena of politics. Welcome to the sleepless nights and the countless decisions that must be made on a daily basis and on your watch. Welcome to the court of public opinion regarding every move you make. Welcome to criticism even if you step in positive directions. Welcome to the lowest salary for the highest office. To your handlers I advise you to keep the staff all male, so there is no pussy to be grabbed and less reason for impeachment. Please get his wife acclimated to the appropriate role of first lady, speeches are not the only thing she can take from Mrs. Obama. Best of luck! I look forward to seeing you do better than my President Elect – Mr. Barack Obama because let’s face it, you have all your dicks – I mean ducks strategically placed and therefore should have NO trouble taking us straight to the top. GAME ON.