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Fifty Shades Darker – Movie Review

50 Shades Darker is a rich and textured delight for your heart, head and nether regions, with layered scenes that  seamlessly unfold into a story.  First – let’s talk about the improvements of Mr. Grey and oh my oh my, there have been a few noticeable ones.  Let’s gab about the do!  First movie, Fifty Shades introduced the world to Christian Grey’s Boardroom/Playroom lifestyle and though we were intrigued, if we’re truthful, we were also more than a little disappointed.  First off, Jamie Dornan’s voice (which is truly like wiping your ass with silk) takes you on a sexy trip without the puff, puff pass, ya know what I’m sayin’?  But I’d be hard pressed if I didn’t tell you his boy-scout, ten dollar haircut was killin’ my vibe completely.  Pan your eyes directly below and shout out a resilient Oh hell naw!

The movie wasn’t entirely to my taste though (and I seemed like I was in the minority on this one) I thought both Jamie Dornan and Hollywood Royalty love child, Dakota Johnson – (daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson,) did a decent job portraying the dominus/servus roles both in and out of the red room.  However the story line was not as I imagined and thus I found it wanting.

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Fifty Shades Trailer

Let us now fast forward to Fifty Shades Darker.  Thank you hairstylists everywhere who decided to let Grey grow up and show off the fact that boyhood has fallen by the wayside and instead this time, emerging onscreen straight (it would seem) out of the red room, as a gorgeous, temptingly chiseled Adonis.

Perhaps you can’t see much of a dissimilarity however just shaving the excess off of the sides and giving him a slight Superman curl twist and volume made all of the difference onscreen.  His new look (for me) created weight to the fantasy and left no doubt that Grey gets it done in and out of the boardroom, ya feel me?

Dakota Johnson was even more beautiful and charming in round 2.  She’s soft without being timid, vulnerable without appearing weak, strong without being hard and if you think this is easily portrayed, think back to the handful of women who can portray all of these characteristics simultaneously.  Yeah, bet you’re still thinkin’.  And Meryl Streep doesn’t count, as she IS every woman at ALL times.

Now let’s get to the crux of it.  First off, I loved it.  If you’re looking for a pinnacle, life altering, game changing scene – you’re watching the wrong film.  This is a slow burn, ya give me fee-vah kind of thang!  This time around Christian is all about Anastasia.  The roles are irrevocably reversed.  The first film left Christian broken and Anastasia making the decision to walk away but not before she had Christian fully expose the depths of his depravity and what I mean by that is his need to get off on the pain of his submissive.  And perhaps depravity is a bit harsh but consider the fact that he singles out and chooses women who bear a striking resemblance to his mother in order to dominate them in bed and cause them both pain and ecstasy.  I think even if you’re the most open person in the world, you might have to admit, that’s a little depraved.

In any case Anastasia holds all of the cards and I must admit, I’m thoroughly impressed by how she plays them.  Her character is so open, unguarded and unapologetic as well exceptionally articulate about what she will and will not condone.  Christian, much to his credit takes four steps forward and once in awhile two steps back.  He’s not inept but unpracticed and his willingness to submit to Anastasia’s demands is what makes him so beguiling.

By the by, as a woman, I must say the oral play which never has Anastasia on her knees is absolutely refreshing, turning on the waterworks in the most unexpected regions, ya dig?

In short, you don’t need wrist ties or handcuffs to be roped into watching this flick.  You’d be missing out if you didn’t.

Fifty Shades Darker