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My New Best Tips and Tricks

So my peeps, we’re all trying to look and feel our best without spending a fortune – and you know one of my favorite motto’s is “you don’t need a million to look like a million.” Allow me to share with you some of my secrets.

Now I have this fabulous 99 cent store around my way (a few blocks from my job) and I get quite a few monthly essentials there for bargain basement prices.

This time around I bought a Colgate toothpaste. Now before you lose your marbles and start telling me about the story that someone bought Colgate some years ago at some dollar store and woke up dead (as my mama would say) – well save yourself the trouble, because my mama already regaled me with this woe-some tale. And before you throw your hip out by jutting it too far in disdain, I heeded her warning. It’s not for my teeth honey child, it’s for my face. Yes you heard that right. Once in awhile I find a squatter taking up space, not paying the rent and generally making my life a little unfashionably complicated shall we say! Of what do I speak of – you ask? Simply and directly my friends, I speak about pimples, my good friend, pimples! Not to be confused with dimples, which would be welcomed as I’ve never met an unattractive person rocking dimples in all my life.

My hack, after you clean your face with whatever routine you’ve adopted, take a dab of the Colgate and place it atop your pimple. You can do this also if you feel the possibility of a pimple sprouting, or even in the case of those teenie tiny red pimples. Usually an overnight dab of Colgate will either eliminate or diminish the offensive hill overnight. If it’s a pimple that’s quite large and in charge, a few days 3 or so might have to be engaged. It can be time consuming but for me it works. Hopefully for you too! Give it a dab. You’ve only got a dollar to loose.

Another tip I use to save both my hair and money is applying argan oil to my hair conditioner. I usually buy Suave Shampoo and Conditioner. They’re about $6-$8 for the set. And I find the products work far better on my hair than Pantene.

I have a small empty plastic tub that I pour the Suave Condition into about halfway filling the tub and then pour a generous amount (at least enough to cover the entire top of the conditioner) with argan oil that I either order from Amazon or purchase in Walgreens. Mix this combo thoroughly.

This is the Argan oil from Amazon.

If you’d like to order the argan oil from Amazon please click the link below:

Argan Oil at Amazon

This is the argan oil I purchase at Walgreens for about $2.49

On Sunday right before I sit down to watch a movie, I go to the bathroom and thoroughly wet my hair and scalp with warm water, and douse my scalp, hair and ends with my argan oil infused conditioner. I tuck it all under a shower cap and leave it on for hours, at least 2, sometimes 6. When I’m ready to wash my hair, I do so as usual, first shampoo, then conditioner, then comb it out and after rinsing I put some pink lotion and some olive oil hair polish (very lightly) throughout my hair, towel a bit and leave to air dry. My hair is definitely healthier with this routine and considering I use a lot of flat iron and curling irons for styling, this routine is indispensable.

Now most people would not talk about foot issues, but unfortunately I’ve got them. Let’s be real, I keep my feet meticulously clean. I wash them on a daily, sometimes twice, I clean my nails usually every one or two weeks. My issue is when I wear boots for long periods of time, especially the same boots, I tend to get some itchy, athletes foot. I despise it. I’ve used powders, sprays, I wash my feet all of the time, etc. What I’ve found that works best is something I read on the internet at around 2am when I was abruptly awakened by my feet just itching the hell out of me – and thank you my Jesus, it works.

What is it? Apple Cider Vinegar. Yup. It’s cheap, it’s easy and most importantly, it’s effective.

Let me warn you right now, it’s not the most pleasant thing in the universe to smell. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

And here’s what you gotta do.

Firstly, you can buy it at almost any grocery store for less than $3.

Whenever you’re ready to sleep, you’ve taken a shower and thoroughly washed your feet, get your apple cider vinegar and two cotton balls (one for each foot). Soak a cotton ball and apply to your soles, your toes, in between your toes, don’t be shy, get in there. Do the same with your other foot. And then go to sleep. You can rinse off in the morning and go about your business. Whenever your feet feel uncomfortable, repeat the process. It’s a Godsend and there’s no guesswork; will it work, will it temporarily work? Nope, it just works, all day, every day. Now you can think about more important things and just relax and be comfortable.

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