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The Slipper Coloring Book – How Much Fun Are We Having?

Hey there pigeons!

So my Jesus carried me through, yet again.  I had no idea how I was going to fit paying an illustrator to create The Slipper Coloring Book and then spending the extra funds to cover the self publishing charges/fees associated with the task but just like other countless times in my life, my Jesus somehow managed it.  Don’t ask me how because it is truly a miracle and miracles can never be explained, they must simply be asked for and accepted with a grateful heart upon receipt!

Now it’s been out for a few weeks and unfortunately I have not had time to showcase/market the newest product in my library arsenal: that is until now.

Finally there are a few people who have purchased the book, and a few more who have kindly submitted their artful pages so that the rest of the world may obtain a visual of the enthusiasts color choices and get an idea of just how much fun we’re all having!

My question – What the heck are the rest of you waiting for?

I’ll give you a true true God Story – as my mother-in-law use to say – (this is how the previous generation of West Indian Women bespoke ok-A)

On Saturday, my hubby and I got our own copies out, so he had his new Slipper Coloring Book and I’ve got mine.  I take out the pack of gel pens that I bought and the Prisma colored pencils, still fresh from never being used!  My hubby tells Alexa to play music by Sade, and we both spent a few minutes deciding which picture we were going to color that day.  And after that we get to work.  Pan the camera left, and I’ve thrown caution to the wind, randomly selecting gel pen colors and setting to task with childhood glee.  The sailor on the other hand is a man of more precision.  He breaks out tape, a ruler, pencil and starts doing “i know not what.”  I shake my head and concentrate on my own framed albeit incomplete artwork beginning to take shape.  And for all of his grumbling about how my gel pens were going to pierce the page, (which by the by they did not bleed through to the second page though I would recommend caution and place a blank page in-betwixt just to be on the same side) he ended up selecting quite a few gels himself!  (I was triumphant but only arched a brow in victory.  No need to pour salt in the man’s wounds for there is nothing in this world more fragile than the male ego.)  Let the women in the church say Amen!

But don’t let my humor tinged with sarcasm fool you.  We spent hours coloring and chatting quietly away and it felt (I kid you not) like quality time together.  It felt like a moment in time when we were both innocent kids in love and just – well – chillin’ and enjoying each other’s company during an activity that didn’t feel like a chore, or wasn’t sexual or required the silence of a movie.  I can’t think of any other activity in recent or past history that contained this innocent, euphoric joy!  The bonus? I discovered it was really fun to color and create on a product that I put on the market.  It rather shocked me! 

I highly recommend that if you’re in the market to purchase the colored pencils or the gel pens, you try these.  They are what I use and I can vouch for how amazing they are!

LolliZ- Gel Pens from Amazon

Prisma Colored Pencils – From Amazon


In any case, that’s my story.  I’d love to hear yours.  Give it a whirl and please share it on Facebook, either my page or my author’s page or Twitter or Instagram!  If you’re not in the mood to share it please tag it with the hashtag #theslippercoloringbook and when I Google it, I will be able to see it and share it with the rest of the world!

Here are some of my colored pages, my sailors and some other unique artists/fans.

Here are two fans: Tori Ganasedas and her daughter who took coloring to an entirely new level: