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Movie Review – Miss Sloane – Contains No Spoilers

Women’s Empowerment – I like the sound of that.  Roll those two words around your tongue for a second and then expel and transform them into two other words that are their equal – Miss Sloane.

Oh that Jessica Chastain!  My but she is a talent – and a ginger!

Did I mention she just tied the knot last month – June?  To whom you whisper?  To none other than some fine Italian bloke who has his own prosecco and though no longer recognized by the Italian government, he’s a descendant of counts therefore solidifying our favorite ginger for all intents and purposes as a countess.

Now that she’s joined the club, I do hope she’s read up on her etiquette.

From one housewife to another, one could hardly resist.   Lets give a side-eye to her choice of man shall we?  First off, Jessica didn’t strut down the aisle as a blushing wee child bride.  No mam.  She’s a ripe and self assured woman of 37.  She’s been on the down-low with her man for about 5 years before they done the deed.  They both gave themselves quite a bit of time to get to know each other before taking that forever step, ya feel me?  And he ain’t no slouch.  As a matter of fact, he has an aristocratic background though he’s not resting on his Count-less laurels and although he is not in the acting scene, he’s rubbed elbows with that sort for years, as a former Director of Public Relations at Armani, and currently working in some capacity or other for French designer Moncler!

As for JC, there’s something no nonsensical about this chic.  She’s intelligent, she definitely doesn’t look like she puts up with any type of trivial foolishness and mayhem.  She looks like she’d make a guy work for it, earn it – ain’t nothing being given away on a discount shelf here.

Of course I can speculate about JC for the rest of my life and that amounts to a hill a beans and a grain of salt.  I must say as I peruse the pics on the net containing the two of them, she seems more affectionate than he.  He also doesn’t seem as comfortable with the cameras flashing away at them as she does.  I see a little of that ethnic, Italian dominance, machismo thang peeking out and around corners but of course sometimes we women like a little of that.  We like a man who’s in control, knows his own mind, can defer to us on some things but can take the helm on others.  Could be a nice balance.  Moving on to the acting…

Let me count the reasons I’m all about JC!  Jessica joined a dance troupe by the age of 13, performed on the stage a myriad of Shakespeare plays and was a Juliard alumni alongside Robin Williams!  Her mama was a vegan chef and her stepdad, a fireman and I think these earthy traits bleed straight through her veins as well.

This all lends to her incredible ability to “act” out a scene using subtle gestures, head tilts, splaying of fingers, certain body position poses, the lilt and changes in octave and pitch of her voice – even if the dialogue fell short, her ability to pull any of these gifts out of her arsenal at will slays us every, single time.  I like every movie that Jessica is in because Jessica is in it.

Now let’s talk about her latest – Miss Sloane – those red bottoms are made for walkin’ and that’s just what she’ll do.  And baby someday those heels are gonna walk all over you.  Yasssss honey, bring it!  And I slay, I slay.  All day.  All day.  The first few minutes she’s laughing uncontrollably at one of the most powerful and coveted clients in her entire firm and lemme tell you, this sets the stage for what is to come.

She’s a lobbyist, her gift is to assess her opponent, devise a strategy to best defeat them and stay ten steps ahead of not just her enemies but her friends as well.  The film does its utmost to give you a day in the life of not simply a D.C. Lobbyist but the BEST D.C. Lobbyist, – what it takes to be the preeminent in her field and the price she pays for giving everything to the cause.

I compare this film to Nightcrawler because the lead characters are incredibly similar.  They excel at every level, they’re unapologetic, they’re eerily unfeeling, borderline sociopaths and yet you want, no, that word falls short, you need what they offer.  These films not only showcase but celebrate these types of personalities that typically hover on the fringe of scenes, giving you a glimpse but remaining just out of focus.

When you meet either of these types, you just better hope they’re on your side, fighting for you, working for you because if you find yourself on the opposite team, it might be time to think up an elegant exit strategy of your own.

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