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Working Smarter Not Harder When You’re On The Daily Grind

My pops told me; “Amanda girl, you’ve got to always find a way to work smarter, not harder.  When you first start working at a company give them 80% but make it look like 100%.  And as each year goes by, give them a little more but make sure you save some time/energy for yourself.  It will work out better for you in the long run.”  I found out the hard way that my dad’s advice was on the money.  Luckily for me, it didn’t take me too much longer to learn his lesson.

I want to excel at my job but not at the expense of my sanity or health.  Remember no one owes you anything and no one has a vested interest in you more than you should have in yourself. 

That being stated – I started to analyze a few things at work that needed to be addressed.

Firstly – my office can be cold at times.  Women are highly susceptible to anemia because of our monthly menstruation cycle.  We lose iron therefore making anemics more prone to reaction from the cold than those who are not.  Now let’s not dramatize the situation.  Anemia is not cancer.  Take some iron supplements if you are willing or vitamins, eat iron enriched food and you’ll be good to go.  Unfortunately I don’t do much of any of those things and can feel colder than most, especially in the office.  The kids that I work among are like polar bears.  They prefer the temperature a lil beyond brrrick.

My solution, to expense a small, personal heater on Amazon for $24.99.  Quite frankly you’ll never be able to make me understand how people with money can accept inconveniences when they have the power (more than most) to change their circumstances for the better.

If I had to come out of pocket for the $24.99, there would have been no issue with that route either.  I’m cold – solution – warmth.  It’s a wrap.

This little bad boy is called “My Heat” and that’s exactly what it is.  It’s not meant to heat up anything but you.  The device is lightweight, has a lengthy cord (by general standards) and is whisper quiet.  You will disturb no one but you will be warm and toasty.  This is a simple, one button gadget is a plug and play situation.  No fuss, no muss.  I not only ordered one for myself but another for one of the partners who is the only other female up in my work joint.  Can I tell ya, she loves it.  She use to stop by my desk at intervals, warming herself around my heater like it was a campfire and I just thought to myself, there has got to be a better way.  Since receiving her mini-appliance of wonder, she’s expressed eternal gratitude!  Check it out.

Lasko Personal Heater on Amazon

Another task I handle at my job is the unpacking and repacking/schlepping of office supplies.  This is not usually an issue however, I do order cases, and reams of paper.  The room that I keep the supplies is clear across the office from the room that contains the copier and printer.  What I’ve been doing all of this time is literally fetching reams or a case of paper from the supply closet to the copier/printer room.  For some, this is completely acceptable and quite frankly there were moments that I was impressed by my own paltry muscle mass and it’s prowess.  However, some days, my 44 year old body feels like 84 and the thought of carrying a case of paper across the office feels more like a fool’s errand more than a proud peacock strut.  What I’ve done to solve the issue is invest in this handy little cart which I also expensed along with the ties to lock in place whatever supplies I need to schlep around the office.

Trolley Dolly Cart on Amazon

Bungee Cord on Amazon

The cart folds pretty flat and the bungee cord holds a couple of cases onto the trolley to keep from shifting or falling over.  Since I’ve purchased this item, life around the office has been much more easily managed.  Plus something that people rarely consider is that the rest of your colleagues ought to have an idea of how highly you value yourself because it’s contagious!  If you didn’t know, you better ask somebody!  Just as it is in your real life it is so in your work life.  If your colleagues witness how important you are to yourself, you become important to them.  Of course, there is the risk that some might see you as a little bourgeoisie but quite frankly – ain’t nothing wrong with that~  Take care of yourself.  Value yourself.  Find ways to make your life easier because as we age, what was once effortlessly governed suddenly becomes a chore of epic proportions.  We must learn to enjoy our life at every stage.  And I’m one person who’s here to make sure that I pass some tips and tricks along that will ensure you do just that.

Toodles kittens!