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The Handy Dandy Girl Gadget That You Carry and Conceal – The Purse Hook

Are you like me, always traveling around with a bag?  Do you frequent restaurants, bars and there’s really no safe spot to set down your bag?  Are you West Indian, and can’t set your bag down because five passing GT or Trini family members will tell you that your bag will never have any money because it’s on the floor?

Yeah child, it’s like that.  But wait, just like the Oxy-clean man, I’ve got the answer for you!

A tiny, little godsend of a disc called “a purse hook.”

Yes they’re gorgeous, come in a variety of styles, and patterns.  I prefer the elegance of the perfect circle.

I’m also partial to Kilofly on Amazon when purchasing in bulk:

Set of 5 Kilofly Purse Hooks on Amazon $15.38

And when I’m purchasing as a special gift to someone I buy the individual purse hooks that represent the image I like best.

How it works is that you uncurl the stem surrounding the disc pic.  Place the picture disc part on top of the table, hook your bag “strap handle” on the hook shaped stem as in the pic below.

It’s the best thing since sliced bread.  Truthfully I’m shocked that this device is not more commonplace.  It’s gotten to the point that every-time I whip and utilize my own, someone either in our own party, or the table next to me will inquire and exclaim over the elegant design and simple solution to having your bag near, yet not take up valuable real estate on the dinner table or bar.  I order this item in bulk and generally always keep an extra one with me in case someone falls in love with it, I can give it away.  I know, I should own stock in the company but it’s a small act of kindness for womanhood of which I am a proud member.  If you order the hooks from Kilofly they’re gracious enough to give you a cute little pouch for each hook.  So you can quite literally give them away in style.

Happy gifting!