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Save Time, Get Them Done – In 3 Minutes Yourself – When All Else Fails, Press On Those Nails!

This weekend the sailor and I were out visiting my girlfriend and gallivanting her tres posh neighborhood in Tuxedo, NY where she works.  We had such a blast, hiking, chilling, talking, swimming.  It was one of the best retreat mini-weekend vacations we’ve ever had.  And people, I’m not the girl I use to be.  Though we returned mid-afternoon on Sunday and if I hurried and did my tornado whirlwind cleaning thing I might have been able to get the house in order and made myself presentable for the week but I doubt I would have been able to cook enough to pack lunches for the week.  Luckily in these instances I am not the girl I use to be and because of the woman I am today, I plan – ahead, more oft than not.

I took Monday off!  So Sunday the sailor and I came home, did some grocery shopping so that I would have stuff to cook the following day, took a walk to Trin City and picked up two beef roti for dinner and chillaxed the rest of the day.  It was awesome.

Of course, Monday was a banger and I literally had to do everything and because I hung out with my sailor before he went to work, I had to do it in half the time.  After the cooking, cleaning, coloring and personal maintenance there was precious little time for much else.  My toes were in great shape.  I usually spend two hours giving myself a pedicure so it lasts for two to three weeks.  The last thing I wanted to do was give myself a manicure.  So I bought a pack a Kiss nails last week to use.  Yes kittens, I plan ahead in almost every aspect.  Well I try. Sometimes I miss things and I swear I must have been on drugs.  Neither here nor there – moving on.

I fell in love with the color on these bad boys.  Truth be told I didn’t realize that they were medium in length but it didn’t matter much as I type everyday and this did little to impede my speed on the keyboard.  This particular set came with the glue and the adhesive tabs.  I used the glue, which gave me a hard time actually because after I snapped off the tab it took Herculean strength to push the glue out and onto the nail.  This snafu won’t deter me from buying these again as I believe it to be a fluke and not the norm.  I’ll also most probably go back to the shorter nails with the adhesive tabs already on the nails as truly that makes the process of placing those bad boys on my existing nails about 2 minutes in total.

Honestly I use to use fake nails only when I had some fancy, schmancy event to attend, a dinner, a birthday, the opera – you know what I’m saying but quite frankly now I use them to save time whenever I need to.  For me, I try to always look put together for the work week and even my manicures hardly look good past midweek but the fake nails look flawless throughout.  A little hint, the glue can damage your nails a little, if you don’t take the time to remove them correctly and just pull them out.  The adhesive tabs don’t damage your nails at all so you can use them week after week and be just fine.

You can find Kiss nails in Walgreens, CVS, Duane Reade and just about any other pharmacy you can think of.