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Well Color Me Happy – Everything You Need To Get Started

My latest obsession is coloring.  I mean, I did self publish, some months ago, The Slipper Coloring Book and my sister from the same mister and I thought, what a great way to promote the book – color and post pages from the book on a new FB Page I created.  Total awesome sauce.  I mean, look, I’m not swimming in sales or anything but that’s not why I started writing or any of these creative processes in the first place.  I started this whole roller coaster ride because I’ve been an author since I was a teenager and now, finally, after all of these years, I am in the position to make my dream come true.  So here’s where I’m at.

I started coloring and I thought this is going to be one of those chores that I just have to get through – all in the name of promotion right?  Right.  Right!  So I started coloring and next thing you know – it’s like crack cocaine and I’m hooked.  I start researching the best colored pencils (within my budget) and markers, erasers, etc. etc.  And now I’ve got a whole lot of tools to paint my canvas and I’m sooo stoked!

I’ve graduated to watching videos, learning different techniques and tricks to make the image appear more “true to life,” give it some depth and definition, hell I even colored a few portrait pics using real makeup!  Oh yes I did!

Here is how I started, with a few pages from my book. Not bad n’est pas but it won’t be on the wall at the Guggenheim.

Then I tried coloring portraits from free coloring pages I found online using real makeup after viewing a few tutorials on Youtube.  I think you can see I’m graduating a smidgen in creativity!

Then I thought, how about coloring some pics with a bit more detail!

In any case I am now known as The Coloring Fool and I absolutely love it.  My sister calls it Color Therapy and she’s completely accurate.  I find a great deal of solace, comfort and accomplishment when it comes to coloring.  I can be creative, and adding to the work of a sketch artist.  It’s amazing and I’m far from alone.

If you’re interesting in buying the tools and some great coloring book options please see below:

Primsmacolor Pencils are excellent.  You can get a wide variety of colors in the 150 pack or spend less and still get a reasonable amount of pencils depending on what your needs are.

Prismacolor Pencils on Amazon

There are many marker choices but I really like BIC and they’re quite reasonably priced.

BIC Markers on Amazon

Water brushes can be used in conjunction with the Prismacolored pencils.  If you’re confused about how, search Youtube: “How to use water brushes with Prisma colored pencils.

Sakura Water Brush on Amazon

Fine liners help give colored pencil areas more shading and definition and Staedtler fine liners are not only great but they’re very reasonably priced as well.

Staedtler Fine Liners at Amazon

Some amazing coloring books are:

The Slipper Coloring Book

Romantic Country Fantasy Coloring Book

Carovne Lahodnosti/Czech Hardcover or Magical Delights/USA

Now that you’ve got exactly what you need, start coloring your world today!