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Dear Diary 10.23.2017

Work is kicking my ass.  My boss and I have been in a pickle, we’re not on the same page, there is an utter disconnect and neither one of us are on sure footing with the other.  This is especially difficult given our work titles and the symbiotic relationship that it entails.  After a great deal of talking to my Jesus, I’ve come to a few conclusions.  One, I’ve got to be more focused.  I won’t be listening to music, checking out videos or watching movies unless I’m at lunch.  I don’t see it as distracting but I have to concede that something is up and if I don’t know exactly what it is I have to eliminate everything it could be.  I am sure I could be more focused.  It’s certainly not all on him even if he does change arrangements with the tide! Two, I feel like I can’t be 100% successful without the cooperation of my boss – meaning it would be better for us both if he took a step back and maybe start thinking a little before making a snap judgment about a flight change, only to have me change it again in 30 minutes.  Is that going to happen?  Unlikely.  Very unlikely.  So now I have to develop the best cover your ass strategy known to admin assisting everywhere and proceed accordingly.  Whatever my success rate is after that, I’ll be confident in the fact that I’ve done everything humanly possible to make sure things run smoothly and I’ve covered my ass in every way possible (and I’ve got huge real estate back there so I’m going to have to be diligent.)  I’ve adopted a more professional tone in my conversations, emails and texts with him as I don’t see the friendship thang helpful to our working relationship.  So it’s tossed.  I’ve checked out a few travel checklist and itinerary templates that will help me to streamline  the details and better organize his extensive travels without driving myself insane.

On another note, I was hoping for a more substantial raise end of year because quite frankly I feel like I deserve it.  However he may strongly disagree given the few travel snafus that have happened just within the last two months, some of which I am responsible and some of which I am not, all of which I took the hit for.  In any case I still believe what I believe so perhaps after the end of year review takes place, if I am unsatisfied I can find a way to present my accomplishments and let him weight them against my deficit and see what he feels is fair.  Either way I have to present it in such a way that I not only accept his decision but I appear to accept his decision with grace, and I can and will, as I am in God’s hands and no other – no matter who’s name is signed on my paycheck.  Believe.  Receive.  That’s what’s up.

On Friday past I had dinner with my girl LL right around the corner at HB Burger.  Nice place, good ambiance and you can always get a table.  We both ordered fish and chips however, and probably best to stick with the burgers.  I had the crab cake burger last time and it was absolutely yummy yum yum!  Both LL and I were so happy to see each other and vent.  We both could have been in a better place and even though we couldn’t solve each other’s difficulties, it did feel good to unburden and get in a hug from my girl.  There was the cutest, older, White couple sitting next to us and right after we hugged, the gent said, excuse me but that was such a nice moment.  We laughed and said thank you.  Now ya see, that’s My America!

My girl Sonia and I caught up on the phone over the weekend (I love to catch up on the phone with my peeps while I’m coloring – it’s serene) anyway it was her birthday on Sunday.  Hopefully next time she’s in town or even if she’s in Tuxedo, mayhaps we can drive over there to kidnap her for a birthday dinner and chauffeur her back.  We’ll see how it goes.

And who knew but my Keithy is in town!  Unfortunately AbE is not 🙁  – we shall have to carry on without his better half.  It will still be awesome to catch up with him.  He just did his Unicef stint in India – I tell you, everyone seems to be on the go and all I want to do is take a nap…lol

On another note I will be seeing my parents finally this week!  I’ve been waiting for weeks.  Can’t wait to squish them both.  I told the woman not to cook but she insisted.  Wha you go do?

This week I plan on hitting that elliptical, and getting in bed and snuggling with my sailor as early as possible.

toodles poodles