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Dear Diary 10/9/2016

So the past couple of weeks have been quit a whirlwind!

Work has been awesome, my sunshine and I have been pretty close, getting things done.  I’ve been at my job over a year now and we’re just getting to the point where I’m beginning to really understand how he works and thinks and sometimes even anticipate his needs.  The crux of being an amazing executive admin. assistant is to be able to anticipate most of your boss’s needs before the need actually arises.  I was able to do that in a couple of instances this week.  I hope to continue that trend.

Unfortunately the whole, get to the church on time (work that is) fell totally flat.  I’m outta hand again.  I am just way too tired and once the morning comes about and the alarm goes off, somewhere in my head, the good angel starts negotiating with the bad one, I end up hitting snooze one too many times and by the time I do actually roll out of bed, it’s a wrap.  I’m late as frigg!

On the upside, I did manage to get up early twice and get in a thirty minute run each day.  I also managed to get in one full body workout on Saturday.  It’s not ideal but it beats my previous score of zero per week.  This week my goal is to get up early, get in my 30 min run at least 3 days out of the week and at least one full body workout on the weekend.

The kid hasn’t said yes to the dress but we’re still looking and I have a funny feeling that the next time we have a bridal dress apt., she might find her ideal.  Worst case scenario is that we’ve already found quite a few beautiful contenders.  So, if she finds nothing, we’ve still got a few on the side that are stunning and will work.

We checked out the sample invitations and though they were beautiful, nothing fit the bill yet.  I hope that will be the next task we manage and then cross off of the list.

On a more personal note, we’ve just made the second wedding payment, a huge blessing!  God is good ALL of the time.  The sailor and I have never been in the space before, where we are able to pay all of our bills and afford some niceties without stress.  It’s a great place to be and I feel very grateful and blessed.

I was chatting with my mom the other day and she was mentioning to me a few of our family members had some serious health issues and were in the hospital for a few weeks and then she started talking about weight and health. Now usually when my mom brings up weight, my first response is to roll my eyes and get defensive but I’m trying not to be so reactive to situations that generally trigger a negative response.  I’m trying to be a better person, a more in control woman.  Instead of letting my emotions run the show, I’m learning how to put aside my initial reaction to a situation and sit with it for a minute, accept that I feel angry, or hurt or sad but then explore why I think I feel that way.  Once I’ve figured out why, I start to see a better way to respond to the situation.  So far I’ve got to say, I’ve put this theory into practice on a few occasions and it’s really working out better for me.  Ah, it’s a work in progress much like everything else.

Anyhoo on to the rest of the writing.  Probably going to work on a few things and then break to have dinner, then get back on it, do some personal maintenance and call it a night.

Toodles, poodles.