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Dear Diary 11.23.2015

Dear Diary,

I don’t remember too much about the work week except that it was horrendously busy as usual though I made it a point to leave as close to my regularly scheduled departure as I could manage.  I also make a concerted effort not to check my Brickberry every minute.  This is helping my pressure level.  I want to stay in touch with what’s going on in the office but I don’t necessarily have to answer an email unless it’s important.  It will keep until I get in the next day.

I was a little stressed wondering how I was going to re-edit HIM with all of the name changes, etc. when C and I were scheduled to go to a wedding on Saturday.  I usually love to have Saturday all to myself to chill and then push myself on Sunday, clean, cook a little something do my personal maintenance and blog.  But this weekend was different.  I had to have HIM edited with all of the name changes and any addition or subtraction to scenes completed because it was scheduled to go to the proofreader today.  This was going to be a bit of a crunch.

Saturday was truly wonderful except for a few hiccups, the first of which was I woke up to at 6am!  The cat, Baby mewing like her life was in danger, which is how it always is.  Who needs an alarm when the cat will wake you at 6am to fetch her food.  You got to wonder who is who’s pet exactly!  To make matters worse I woke up with a migraine from hell, suffering all of the symptoms of a hangover with none of the reward as the only thing the sailor and I did the previous night was watch a movie.

In any case I felt nauseous and my head was pounding.  After feeding the cat I tried to go back to sleep after I took a few Advil and though I felt a little better, it was a painstakingly slow recovery.  In any case this threw my time frame off so I was a little late in getting ready for the wedding and HELLO I’m married to a militant military man who’s a stickler for time.  Oh lawd I could already see where this was headed nonetheless I gave it my all, burnt my hair and my fingers trying to get myself ready BUT I was late by a good 25 minutes.  The man was tight.  Then we got on the highway and he was driving like we were on the Indy 500.  I kept my mouth shut and my eyes wide open, seat belt tight and clung on for dear life.  Yeah, it was like that!  But my mama didn’t raise no fool.  THIS was not the time to say anything to the sailor.  And when some dude tried to cut us off, twice and my man damn near stopped on the bridge I thought O Lord Have Mercy what can I do to keep this situation from escalating?  Well that’s all I needed to do, call upon my Lord because he surely took over and the words that escaped my lips shocked me more than it did C.  I just said baby, we’ve got an important date we’ve got to make, just leave that fool and let’s go.  And so he did.  I thanked my Jesus and kept it pushin.

Well after all of that it turns out that my man didn’t have the right address.  Yes that’s right, he did not.  But did I trip or act the fool?  No.  I was just as I usually am in those circumstances, calm and rational and thinking of what we could do while we were waiting to follow one of his cousins who was also en route.  My point is sometimes men take that for granted, how calm and rational we are during one of their episodes but the minute you step out of line, they’re ready to tar and feather you.  Bruh, naww.  And that’s why I think women just lose their shit every now and again and act like complete and utter lunatics!  I guess for some of us, if one of us is gonna have to sleep with their one eye open – best it be you…lol

Anyhoo after the wedding, which was very cute, intimate and genuine, we ended up going to the movies to see The Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 2 – of which I will do a full review but yes, it was all of that and a bag o’chips!

We had a really great day and Sunday was even better because I got me some good old fashion lovin and we chilled on the couch and watched The Gunman together (another full review in swing later) then we made salad together (Yes that man was slicing and dicing with me – truthfully that’s something I’d always wanted, the two of us side by side in the kitchen cooking) and finally after I really couldn’t postpone it any longer I got into the re-editing and name changing for the next book HIM.

I had to forego doing my nails and giving my skin a good moisturizing treatment and facial but it was well worth it.  I finished just after 1:30am and now the book is awaiting the proofreader.  Oddly enough she hasn’t gotten back to me yet but not everyone is like Phoenix.  Hopefully she will shortly and we’ll get this ball rolling!

I also had a chat with my sister and thank heavens.  I missed that girl like nobody’s business.  I’m bummed that she won’t be around for Thanksgiving but hopefully I’ll see her soon.  I miss her.

These days I’m learning a lot from a lot of people.  Sometimes you can be in the right but if you’re insensitive does it really matter?  I don’t know.  I’m trying to look at things with a different eye, especially my writing.  I don’t really resist the changes that might come because I’m trying to be more sensitive to others when writing because I believe God’s in everything so if he’s changing me than it’s for the best.  And as my cuz Charmy says, well a dah!

toodles poodles