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Dear Diary 12.30.2015

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of work and play.

My daughter is now engaged.  I couldn’t be happier for her.  She seems to manage everything that I could not in my life, which is completing each stage of life at the appropriate time.  It’s her gift and it’s magical.  She finished school, she traveled, she obtained a good, steady job and now she’s engaged to her boyfriend who finished his law degree and is working as an A.D.A.  – will be odd having a son-in-law on that side of the courtroom (tee hee) Oh lawd have mercE…lol  but most welcomed.

The sailor and I just came back from a short but lovely Christmas vacation in Florida.  How delightful it was to be able to wear a summer dress and experience 80 degree weather on Christmas!   Wow.  That’s a first for moi.

So now we’re back and I’m getting into the swing of things.  I want to finish going through the edits on my book HIM and get that finally out and published.  I can totally breathe better once that’s done.  Tomorrow I come into work for another short session, half day and then I’m home-bound which I’m really going to relish and enjoy!

I must say I was smart enough to take two days off after our return from Florida just so I could catch up on some stuff at home and myself.  I was able to do my nails and tweeze any unruly eyebrow hair and let me tell you, a week of not tweezing can have me lookin’ like a hobbits foot landed on my damn eye.  Werd, I lie NOT.

I might also confess that because my bloody arse reads like I’m suffering from dyslexia I actually did not return my library book and got a notice in the mail, only these days they are to the point!  They’ve now dispense with the loan sharking, you owe 5 cents a day, and the calculations there-after – now they just send you a notice that bears the cost of the book – and if you do not comply by sending them the check you’ll be hearing from collections.  Oh how I burn with shame.  Well not really but it did leave me to wonder whether it would do any good to return the bloody book at all now.  Do they want the book and the book’s worth?  If that’s the case am I now getting robbed.  Bloody hell I knew I shouldn’t have gone back to my novel ways and just ordered the bloody book on my nook and read it at my leisure.  These days every deadline seems to be associated with more pressure than I can aptly bear.

My only relief is Downton and Columbo.

But as the Dutchess would say – it’s much too late for that my dear.

I bid you goodnight.  I’m off to the races!