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Dear Diary 1/27/2016

HolE MolE how time flies.  I can’t believe I’ve just blinked for a moment to concentrate on pushing out the third book HIM, which is finally out and available on Amazon – Woo Hoo – let the church say Amen and what do you know – it’s been a month since my last post on this joint.  I simply can’t believe it.

Well honestly I’m so thrilled that HIM is finally out, but I’m reading this wonderful book called Candace Reign by Sharai Robbin and what – can I tell you that this author is putting me to shame!  Oh yes – now as I read her book and re-read my HIM I’m just like say what now?  It’s not that I’m not proud of my work, because I did put a lot into that book and I’m very proud of it – it’s just that it’s missing those descriptive details that really put the polish on a book.  So – no worries, although I’ve been a writer in one form or another for most of my life, learning is a lifelong process so I’m definitely going to shore up the fourth book The Tumble with all of the proper details and only get better.

Moving on: I got this chic at work, a wonderful cleaning girl named Wendy.  She’s Spanish, with a thick accent and just one of those chics that from the moment I met her, we just were like lumps of guacamole in a burrito!  She says my name like A Man da jew know my boyfriend – he talka to me too long and now I gotta rush – and why is it that I’m pickin up the accent she put down and throwin it right back at her – and I’m like We-dE – jew gotta tell him to talka to jew la-der – jew gotta a lotta werk to do jew know.  – Damn we are re-dic-a-lous up in this peace!

So my boss gave me my review a few weeks ago and not only did I get a bonus but I received a decent raise as well – halleleuer – Amen!  – All I’m thinking is that my little pumpkin’s wedding is next year – I’ve got 100 people on my side and I fully intend to cover them all plus a few incidentals to put in for the Hindu hall of wherever the kids decide they’re going to have the ceremony.  Woo-Hoo – God is good all of the time.

OMGosh so the teacups and my teabag with the exception of one – all got together to see the Chinese cultural show Shen Yun and wow we had the bestest time ever and we used Uber the entire night which was great and very convenient.  The show itself was a surprise because I hadn’t realized that the traditions and or religion that was showcased in Shen Yun is not something that China allows their people to practice anymore.  Sooo not only are you entertained by the beautiful scenes, choreography and culture of the show itself but you’re also privy to the message behind the show.  Now please don’t ask me what that is because you know I ain’t got one political bone in my body.  I dig Obama and I’d like to Merc Trump – that’s all she wrote on that topic.

Anyhoosie – After the show we walked about two blocks to this gorgeous restaurant called Sapphire – and I must say everything that we tried from the appetizers to the main dishes was probably the most delicious of meals that I’ve ever had.  The service, decor and food was kiss your fingers Italian.  Unfortunately when my sister called to give them a heads up that our party number had changed from 12-8 (which she had previously called and asked them to note that this might be the case) the person at the other end of the line was very dismissive and rude to her.  That wasn’t cute but I guess they must have realized their mistake because when we arrived they were very kind and accommodating!  Whew – disaster averted!

Once we wrapped dinner we took an Uber to 46 Lounge where we decided not to pay for seating (60$ a pop) but instead hang by the very stylish bar, listen to the DJ spin some cool jams and sip on drinks that cost no less than $16-20 but the ambiance and the fact that we wanted to do something different made it all worthwhile.

After of course we swung by our old spot Mingles and had a few more drinks, some hookah and dancing – which even though I was dragging my ass about going – I ended up having quite a good time!

Honestly there’s nothing like hanging with my girls, my man, the kids and having a good time!  The next Teacup/Teabag and Crumpets outing will probably be the musical The Waitress!  Can’t wait.

Toodles poodles