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Dear Diary 2/21/2015

Soooo this week was unexpectedly short when it came to work.  We did have Monday off for President’s day and I worked like a Hebrew slave Tuesday and Wednesday but by Wednesday night I was completely done in.  I’d been suffering from the cold along with my allergies and asthma, I was deadin’ as my Trini sailor would say.

So although I hated to do it because my boss was as busy as a dishwashaaa in Bruce Lee’s Dragon – I had no choice, I called out sick.  I was run down.  What I was doing was taking drugs in the am to keep some of my symptoms at bay and then when I got home, taking more meds to keep my symptoms from rearing their ugly head at night so that I could get some sleep.  But I wasn’t getting rid of the cold.  I had to let it run it’s coarse.  This procrastination as it were, was only making it worse.  I ended up calling out on Friday as well.  I was getting no sleep at home, our mattress was no help.  By the by, we ordered a new one approximate cost, $515 smackers from Overstock.  We’re going to give it a whirl.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Between my sailor’s back and my tossing and turning because I can’t find any comfortable spot we’re starting to resemble heroine addicts – only chubby ones!  Go figure!

In any case, can we say that this work week is gonna be a doozy, but I’m actually looking forward to it.

Can I also let on that I did precious little for the past four days.  I have gotten C to start watching Outlander with me, which is a real treat and today the sailor and I made it out of the house to have brunch with Keithy and Tracey at Blue Smoke.  Boy the bill for breakfast was outlandish, not so much the food as the drinks.  Who doesn’t drink on a Sunday afternoon – tell me that!!!

Well I’m about to hop in the shower and wash this hair otherwise known as nest egg!  Geez, don’t ask and then pop on some of these fake nails to get through my week.  Yes mama ain’t got time to primp and prime just yet.

On other breaking news I am getting to the heart of what’s ailing me and trying to get this asthma/allergies thing under control.  I met the most interesting allergist on Saturday for my appointment and it turns out I’m not terribly allergic to anything so she concludes that it’s more of an upper respiratory situation along with some acid reflux.  We’ll see how it goes, two pills and two inhalers later when my PCP checks me out.

Anyway getting back to the allergist, she looked and sounded like a traditional East Indian woman, with the most lovely, humble bedside manner.  She was so gentle I found myself wishing she was my gynecologist instead.  No I kid you not, I truly did.  But what I found most interesting through our brief banter was she seemed to have a very fundamental women’s libertine attitude NOT customary to an Indian background, alluding on several occasions that men seem to be quite useless.  I was intrigued and started thinking I would love to interview women I find interesting and then feature the interviews on my blog.  Who knows – it’s something I’m tinkering with.

And the last news of the day is actually the best!  I finally put up (with total help from my sexy, geeky sailor) my first video blog.  There’s a portion of the video where my daughter is texting me and I’m just cracking up.  My executive producer hubby (the man wears many hats) just kept rolling his hands – the universal symbol to keep going and so I did.  When he did the playback for me, he suggested I keep it, after all, this is not CNBC, this is you, being you.  It only took me two seconds to determine that I quite agreed.  I hope you enjoy it, mishaps and all!