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Dear Diary 2/29/2016

This week was spent mostly in the office.  I’ve been pulling quite a bit of OT, there’s just so much to do.  And it would seem that my sunshine has reached new heights.  This coming week he will be a guest speaker on another financial panel.  I guess he’s getting to that stage where he’s been in the business for such a long time that the populace has a demand on his invaluable insights.  This is kind of a whole new ballgame for me but you know if the work is not challenging you can (to some degree) get too complacent and comfortable.  This job is anything but stagnant which coupled with my own personal goals is proving to be quite the dual test but I’m up for it.

This weekend even though I had to get up early on both days, was still a beaut!  On Saturday I had my mammogram scheduled.  Now when I called the reception told me that I would have to remove my piercings as they wouldn’t be able to perform the mammogram if I didn’t.  Well this was quite a pain in the bootA.  I can’t remove them myself, I mean I’ve had them since I was 26 for Pete’s sake!  Secondly once you remove them it’s not so bloody easy to put them back – and since I’m no longer 26 – the thrill of doing so is gone but since I’ve already paid the price years ago I aim to keep my hard won prizes intact – if you get my meaning.

So I did a little research and it turns out that there should NOT be any issues with having a mammogram done if you have nipple piercings.  The technician should be able to maneuver your mammaries just fine.  I was more nervous about my hubby’s reaction than the tech because if they refused to do it you can bet I would get the most hostile I told you so looks from my sailor.  But we’re both learning to communicate a little differently and I talked to him before – letting him know that I did my research and if they wouldn’t take the mammogram I would find a tech who could and if he would just relax whatever the outcome and let me handle it, we were gonna be alright.  And surprisingly he didn’t give me the least bit of a hard time.  He said, ok, let’s go.  Yay, a win!

So I said my prayer, armed myself with all of my research stats – kept wondering the entire time I was moved from waiting room to changing room and then finally to the tech room – if I should preface any conversation and bring up the fact that I was pierced to the attention of the tech – but I fought the urge.  I chastised myself instead, hey if you say you’ll leave it in the hands of the lord then leave it girl!  So I left it and might I just say the young, very kind, female tech didn’t even bat an eyelash.  She just did her job, took the x-ray and instructed me when it was all over.  Hooray – all of that hand wringing for nada.  By the by, the mammogram hurts even more than I remembered but I’m not going to lie, the last pic is the most painful, thankfully it lasts literally 5 seconds or less.  It is a necessary evil and can save my life so que sera sera.

Saturday night I spent hanging out with my father’s side of the family for a cousin’s 60th Birthday at Liberty Palace.  The hall was very nice, Mike and DJ Fess were spinning – nice treat there – the food was great, the ambiance spectacular, Ravi was a very engaging host and his dad told jokes that made my parents cringe but we all laughed.  This side of my family – well they’re quite the entertainers and I love them all considerably.  It was great to see my parents – they’d been very sick for awhile so I was glad to clap eyes on them (felt like forever) and got to hang with my lil mama and her fiance MattE!

family9 family8 family7 family6 family5 family4 family3 c and me matte and dev parents

Sunday my sailor and I got in an early date movie – Gods of Egypt – by the by, it seems the best time to go to our favorite theater with the reclining seats at Horace Harding – is on Sunday at 1pm.  Yes we’re with families and senior citizens but quite frankly their company has become quite preferable to the riff-raff that seems to have taken over the theaters of late.

In any case it was a glorious weekend and by the by, the new mattress that we bought from Overstock for $517 smackers is AMAZING!!! No aches and pains – I feel like an infomercial!  I will do a quick review in a few in case anyone needs a new mattress at a bargain rate!

Later kittens.