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Dear Diary 3/22/2016

The previous work week was kind of crazy, trying to get my boss ready for his vacation and attempting to rectify all of the expense reports.  The company is tightening up their financial belt, rules are changing and I’ve gone through a bit of struggle trying to keep up with all of it.  But alas, success!  Now onto the rest!

This weekend most of the Teacups and I celebrated my cuz and Teacup Sherry’s Birthday!  We went to this restaurant called Blend on the Water, that had the most spectacular and scenic city views.  The food was great, service was amazing!  The only thing I would improve is that the restaurant could use a better venting system.  All you smell in the entire joint is food and a bit of smoke.

While waiting in the cove for an empty stall my sister and I were chatting and joking around with another girl who was ahead of us.  Off to the side, chatting among themselves, were two other girls, also waiting for an empty stall.  At the very same time I made a joke and we three began laughing, was the same time that one of the other two girls, headed for an open stall.  I guess her friend felt some type of way about our laughter and said with her hand on her hip “got something to say?”  Another stall opened up and the girl that we were chatting with headed for it while my sister and I were like “no, we were just joking around about the bathroom stalls.”  I thought that should have been the end of it but this chic proceeds to inform us that she’s a “firecracker from Brooklyn and she’s also been in jail, so it ain’t no thing.”  Wha de ass?  I didn’t have anything to say because if I did, it would have probably ended badly.  I mean, is that something you really wanna brag about, number 1.  Number 2, ya wanna go back there?  It’s that comfy for ya?  I mean like seriously!  The other day I saw a video that one of my FB friends posted, containing all of these different scenarios where a situation occurs, like someone passing by another person too closely and spilling a drink on them or stealing a parking spot, etc.  Then they showed what happens when the injured party smiled and decided on forgiving the injury/insult instead of taking it from zero to 60.  And can I just say in this situation I was like trick ya need to check out this video…lol

If you’d like to know more about Blend on the Water please check out the link below:

Blend on the Water

On another note, I’ve been exercising with quite a bit of regularity – and I do feel much better about myself – but on Saturday I guess I was feeling immensely confident and did my intense 5 minute buns and thighs workout and then that same night did some dancing – well lemme just say on Sunday I felt like an old lady that had just gone through hip replacement surgery!  Both HIPS!!! Thank goodness that the sailor and I decided to do nada that day!

This week is a wonderfully slow one at the office.  My sunshine is away on vacation and so I can finally catch up on a few projects that I’ve been ignoring.  These days I’m getting to understand that working at Brookfield is either – 150 miles per hour or 20!  I’m either catching my ass or dragging it…lol

Speaking of dragging my ass I’m almost finished reading through HIM.  I should be working on the re-edits this weekend and then can finally put it back on the market.  I’ve spoken to a few friends and gotten some very promising reviews.  My aunt told me that she expected more and of course I can see why.  The Tumble will showcase the evolution and improvement of my writing and will be a true story of fiction, more or less.

Tomorrow the girls and I are going to the Wendy Williams show to be part of her audience.  Wow, I’m very excited.  It’s an experience I’ve never had before and am quite looking forward to!

Here are some pics from my cuz’s birthday celebration this past Saturday!

Toodles Poodles!

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