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Dear Diary 3/1/2017

HolE MolE I thought I was busy before!!! Nah, I’m busy now…lol

The past couple of months has been a blur.  I swore it was just Christmas, then my birthday (which I barely acknowledged.)  I wasn’t angry about it or excited or anything.  I just had other stuff to cover and so it was just another beautiful ordinary day but for the wonderful well wishes of family and friends.

But now it’s March!  March!!! How the heck did March get here so quickly?  March just marched its ass right over here wayyy to quick for my taste I’ll tell ya.  On one hand, I’m getting really, really excited that my lil mama’s big dream day is getting closer and closer.  On the other hand I’m trying to make sure that I’ve gotten all of the details in order for the bridal shower and wedding.  I literally just printed a few inserts for the invitations, slapped all of the labels on them and consulted the post office regarding stamps.  The last thing I want to do is have 7 cheapO 49 cent stamps plastered all over this decadent invitation.  So I’m trooping over to the other post office that might have the $2.00 stamp option – God willing.  Last night the sailor and I was up well past midnight getting things in order.  I hope tonight won’t be such a long night but whatev, as long as it gets done I’ll be thrilled.  It will be one of the biggest tasks handled and out of the way, and I can’t be mad about that!

I haven’t had much time for anything else with the exception of wedding stuff and work.  I got pretty far in some of the finishing chapters of The Tumble.  But it seems that just because I know where the story is going, how it’s ending, doesn’t mean that it’s that easy to write.  There’s a lot to think about when you’re tying up all of the loose ends not to mention the last thing I want to do is rush the ending.  I hate when movies spend an hour and 50 minutes building only to give you 10 minutes to process and accept an ending.  And I abhor when books sew up the ending with a Frankenstein stitch that only a mother could love!  That my friend, is the opposite of closure!

You know you were waiting for it!

So the updates are: The Slipper Coloring Book is on it’s last leg.  We’re about to make final payment for sketches and talk about the cover.  Wooo-hooo!

The Tumble – I’m still working out the ending and kinks and putting in an alternate ending in the draft.  I’ll test the draft out on two of my fav peeps – Row and Tracey and get their feedback prior to making final edits and releasing the book on the market.

I haven’t written to my uncle or my cousin in a long while.  I feel terribly guilty but it can’t be helped.  My time is short, my nights are long.  I’ll get to it, it’s on my list.

Soooo excercise – yeah, as elusive as a white tiger I’ll tell ya.  I’ll tackle it …. again…. once these invites are out.  My estimation is next week.  Gosh I hate that I sound like a broken record but ah, well, there it is.

Almost all of my bridal shower accoutrements have arrived and are currently being stored in my office.  Lilah and I will start sorting through everything and putting everything together to see how it all looks before we take it apart and leave it in good order until the day of.

I haven’t gotten any of my outfits yet!  Yikes!  I’m not terribly worried.  I want to pop by Burlington to see about getting a bridal shower ensemble next week.  After that my mom and I will take a visit to one of the shops not far from me and hopefully we’ll see exactly what we need.  That will only leave me with the Indian wear.   Frankly I want a lengha choli, that flatters my figure and has some shimmer and shine to it.  That’s it.  Hopefully I will find it and look as glamorous as I imagine.  We’ll see how it goes.  Something between this and that perhaps?  Maybe, maybe not…



I’m rambling I know but I did borrow an incredible time saving tidbit from the kids – which is I printed labels for the RSVP cards.  No I don’t mean address labels, of course I printed up those.  I mean the part where you have to write the name of the party/parties attending and then insert the number allotted to the family ie: (2).  So I printed labels that were like: Mr. & Mrs. Amanda Smith (2) – maybe the entire rest of the world was hip to this time saving technique but I was in the dark.  I printed labels for the kids and noticed that they printed their RSVP labels and I thought to myself – heck with my chicken scratch, this is not only a time saver but leaves no doubt as to what the reader is reading.  Winning!  Yeah, so I did that!  Copied that right from the kids.    Yeah baby!

Okay, back to the grind.  Had to get some writing in but now I’ve got to get back to my paying gig.  It’s almost 5pm and I’ve got a bucket load of stuff to still get through.

toodles poodles!