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Dear Diary 3/14/2016

Before one knows it, it’s already Monday.  Had a great weekend with my sailor – yes again!  Woo Hoo – I mean the man has been gone for the better part of four years so we have a lot of catching up to do!

Saturday we did what is becoming our favorite thing to do, eat a leisurely breakfast together and hubba hubba lemme backtrack for a minute here and say – he woke me up just the way I like it – ok fast foward – after breakfast we both got up and straightened the house together (yes we did chores together!!!!) And then we took a shower, got dressed and headed out into the day.  First stop – BJ’s – best $104 bucks we ever spent.  We’re big on the easy make meals – meals in a bag, stuff like that.  Between my working OT almost every night and the sailor attending school and then studying for hours every night, we ain’t gots no time to be slaving over no stove!  Oh heck to the nawwww.  We’d much rather spend less than 30 minutes making something to eat and the majority of our minority of time chilling with each other before hitting the sack.  That’s how we roll nowadays.

Work like a Hebrew slave, party like the Pharaohs!

After getting a few items at BJ’s we went to Walmart.  Apparently you can buy eyeglass frames at BJ’s but they don’t seem to do any of the eye exams kind of thang.  Not terribly helpful but they did have these Diane Von Furstenberg frames that I will be coming back for.  From the time we walked in (Walmart) to the time we left with new contacts and scripts for both glasses and contacts as well as getting a much needed eye-exam it was roughly two hours.  Start to finish, for walk-ins – not bad at all!

And the eye doctor, a wonderful Indian lady named Vaishali Nigam was the bomb diggitty!  Her bedside manner was unbelievable, her eye exam extremely thorough.  She educates you the entire time about the health of your eyes and your options from cheapest to most expensive when it comes to purchasing contacts and/or glasses.  The eye exam was a cool $90 and the three month supply of contacts was about $68 – and you get scripts for both glasses and contacts, no extra charge.  I don’t know anywhere else that you can get that kind of service at that bargain basement price!

I left with the scripts and a few days worth of the daily wear contacts.  Next week I can pick up the rest of my contacts and when it’s time to reorder I can do it online!  Hello!  – I will be heading back to BJ’s for the DVF frames though – cause they were bangin’ and BJ’s had a sale so hopefully I can get them for a song as well.

I really like that I have my man in the kitchen with me.  We usually cook dinner together which is something I’ve always wanted to do.  I finally feel like he’s present, not like I’m doing everything necessary to keep us going.  We’re like in it together – and I’m really diggin’ the new lifestyle!

Know what I’m sayin??? Wink wink!

Next weekend we’re having my sis over – that will be a nice treat and we’re going to have dinner with all of the girls celebrating Princess’s birthday!  Should be total awesome sauce!  And had an awesome convo (as Suzy would say) with my mommy!  I realize quite a few things of late – this week’s revelation – take the time to share your life when mom calls and then she’ll share hers – none of this perfunctory crap – especially since I want to know what’s going on and spend more time with her any way that I can.  That lady is worth my weight in gold – know what I’m sayin’!)  Hopefully they’ll allow me to write a memoir – who knows!

Later kittens!