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Dear Diary 3/28/2016

HolE MolE today is my kid’s birthday!  She is now 25 years old – however did this happen?  I kid you not, sometimes it really does feel like yesterday when she was just a lil old’ thang’ that I use to fall asleep with on my chest, sometimes (and I hesitate to think this may change some people’s opinion of moi) but sometimes I’d fall asleep breast feeding.  If you ain’t a mamma this may be difficult to relate to however I assure you, I’m not alone.  Tired is the word they’ve invented for the guys blowing mine shafts while building the railroad.  Deprivation is reserved for first time mothers!  Thank you, I’m here all week.

In any case I sent over some flowers, chocolate and a teddy bear (which have NOT yet been delivered) and I’m having a bit of a panic attack because the kid leaves work around 4:30, giving Mr. Delivery Man less than an hour to do the deed!  Yikes!  So I called them and it’s on the truck.  God willing!

Okay so my sunshine was away last week and I kind of played the ass – well sort of – I mean I did get my work done but at a snail’s pace…lol  Come on – I ain’t no saint!  LOL  – But all o’that ends today – da bossman is in da hizzy – and so guess homiE can’t play dat no mo’…lol

I also got stuck on The Tumble.  That’s not something I generally do, get stuck but here I am.  Gonna tackle the new chapter in a few and see if I can move past the block.  I think the trouble is that my head is still processing HIM.  I’ve re-read and re-edited the book in full.  I’ll spend this week actually making the editing changes on the digital copy and then re-releasing the new and improved version.  The thing is for the book HIM – the narration is from a totally different vantage point.  Scenes are told rather than shown.  For The Tumble, I’m taking great pains to paint the reader a picture and let them draw their own conclusions.   Because I’m working on both simultaneously, I keep “hearing” HIM’s voice instead of The Tumble and it’s screwing with me.  Ah I’ll figure it out, I’m just rambling!

The sailor and I had a great weekend together.  I cleaned up the office.  I think there are some things my man and I can do together but we’re not one of those couples they should test on the show where the two of you have to work together to attain one goal.  Not only would we grotesquely fail but forget about ending up in divorce court, we might actually win because after two minutes of our bickering the other contestants would surely hang themselves!!!

Yeah sometimes it really feels like that!

My man is not good with chores that he doesn’t see the immediate necessity of: he starts to whine, fidget, bicker, just all of the things that ensure you popping two Xanax and swirling it down with five martinis before deciding you might as well do the shit yourself.  I’ve accepted this horrible truth at least half the time.  What can you do?  Life is full of challenges and marriage is an institution – drink – like a lot a lot!



Toodles poodles