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Dear Diary 3/8/2016

This weekend was great!  The sailor and I went to the movies, cleaned up more of the office and had a date day and saw London Is Falling!

I’ll do a brief review of that in a bit.

My man and I did have a bit of a tiff however – you know after you spend some years with a person of course you learn about them and vice versa.  Well when my sailor has a chore to do he kind of turns into a monster, as if he’s dying to get it over with so he can get back to brain surgery or something.  Now look I’m not the biggest person on chores either but they must be done.  We are not living in the Jetson era yet.  I ain’t gots no Rosie.  My house don’t clean itself, the groceries don’t magically appear in my freezer and dinner damn sure don’t cook itself.  You got to do what you got to do.  And sometimes I want to punch my sailor in the face because quite frankly what else have you got to do?  Not much.  I think once you’ve gotten to this stage, just try and enjoy every aspect of your life.  You feel me?  Anyhoo, we start cleaning the office and I mistakenly open a box he already taped up.  So I grabbed the duct tape to fix my mistake and reseal the box, next thing you know the man is screaming about how I’m using all of his duct tape and the box doesn’t need to be sealed that well.  Ummm, first off I used two pieces of duct tape.  It’s not like I was sealing the pharaoh’s tomb but I didn’t want the box to inadvertently open the minute it was handled.  So after a moment of dealing with his tirade I start to get fed up and so I yell – listen I’ll buy you more duct tape to which he replied even more curtly I’m still using too much, blah blah blah.  Listen the man really had me scratching my head wondering if the bloody duct tape was spun from gold!  After another few minutes of his madness I just cussed his ass out and then we were both fine.  Seriously I ain’t about that life.  If you’re gonna give it to me you damn sure better be able to take it cause I ain’t goin’ out like no punk bitch.  Yeah I said it.  The ebbs and flow people, the ebbs and flow.

Needless to say the rest of the weekend proceeded simply swimmingly!

Oh by the by, yesterday at work I was doing something for someone other than my boss as a courtesy and homiE had the nerve to get diva with me and whine like a little bitch.  That’s not surprising.  People can be that way.  What was surprising is that it got back to my sunshine and whoa – he didn’t like it one bit!  He kind of had the attitude like you don’t have to apologize, you don’t work for him, you work for me and I’m good with it so what’s his problemO???  Say werd!  Well lemme tell ya – it’s nice to be appreciated!  Thanks Bossman!

Onward and forward kittens.