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Dear Diary 4/12/2017

Sooo the planning, the anxiety, all of the making of my lists and checking them thrice – coordinating with my ex, my sister, the baker, Wahid, owner of Mingles, well it all paid off in spades on Saturday, April 8th, the day of my Princess Deven’s Bridal Shower!

Everything went off without a hitch and I’ll include the event pictures along with some great tidbits that I learned.  I’ll also share some amazing and unique finds!

Now I can breathe.  I must say I’ve looked at the pics and though I have been putting more of an effort into working out, I could use a lot more.  I would like to look better in my pics.  I also may have chosen the wrong shape dress that didn’t quite flatter me as much as I hoped, however I cannot complain.  I looked fine and everyone else looked amazing and everything, and I do mean everything exceeded all of my expectations.  In the end, the kids were happiest of all and the rest of the family were overjoyed.

I have a lot of people to thank, one, my sailor and my best friend Delilah for literally helping me to put together my vision every step of the way.  Ramela, who jumped in to help me finish setting up the food area from the moment she arrived, my parents for getting all of the food (which was delicious) my sister, who packed up a ton of leftovers for everyone before I even knew what was what and Wahid who loaned us Mingles for the few hours we needed in order to pull off this fabulous event~ And last but not least, Buddy Singh, our amazing photographer!

Now I have to chill out for a second and fix up my budget.  There are a few things left that will require some $$$ plus I’m also trying to get my Slipper Coloring Book released.  This weekend C and I will be working on that.  Once we get the book together I can order 2 proofs and have some kids color on it to make sure the book doesn’t fall apart.  Some forums recommend that you have the pages perforated so that kids can easily tear the page out and display their art proudly on the fridge.  Unfortunately with POD or Print On Demand books that is not possible.  Once I order the proof and give it a test run I can see where I need to improve and do so.

After I finish The Slipper Coloring Book, I can get back to finishing up The Tumble and then proofing it and sending it to Row and Tracey to hear their thoughts.  I’m so excited about their feedback.

On other news, Harvey will be coming home soon!  Unfortunately not in time for Deven’s wedding but literally days, perhaps a week after.  I promised that we would play basketball when he gets out and I’m quite looking forward to it.  Haven’t played B-ball in years!

On other other news, I need to plan a day to go shopping with my mom for the reception dress.  I think the first week of May will work out best, May 6th!  We’ll see how it goes.

Toodles Poodles!